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Launch your career in Data and AI through our bootcamp programs

  • Industry-leading curriculum
  • Real portfolio/industry projects
  • Career support program
  • Both Full-time & Part-time options.
Data Science & Big Data

Become a data engineer by learning how to build end-to-end data pipelines


Become a data analyst through building hands-on data/business use cases

Become an AI/ML engineer by getting specialized in deep learning, computer vision, NLP, and MLOps

Become a DevOps Engineer by learning AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, IaaS, IaC (Terraform), and CI/CD

Short Courses

Improve your data & AI skills through self-paced and instructor-led courses

  • Industry-leading curriculum
  • Portfolio projects
  • Part-time flexible schedule
Portfolio Courses

Learn to build impressive data/AI portfolio projects that get you hired

  • Portfolio project workshops
  • Work on real industry data & AI project
  • Job readiness assessment
  • Career support & job referrals

Build data strategies and solve ML challenges for real clients

Help real clients build BI dashboard and tell data stories

Build end to end data pipelines in the cloud for real clients


Choose to learn at your comfort home or at one of our campuses

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We’ve partnered with many companies on corporate upskilling, branding events, talent acquisition, as well as consulting services.

AI/Data Transformations with our customized and proven curriculum

Do you need expert help on data strategies and project implementations? 

Hire Data, AI, and Engineering talents from WeCloudData

Our Students

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Machine Learning Engineering
Applied Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence has made leaps and bounds in the past few years. Deep Learning, one of the most important driving forces of this AI revolution has become an essential technique to tackle complex challenges such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Voice Recognition. In this course, you will learn the essential tools and skills required to apply DL to real-life problems.

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At a Glance
What you will learn

We understand that there are theoretical underpinnings to cover. Most importantly, we know that we need to head beyond the classroom to truly work in this field. For example, by rolling up our sleeves and finding a way to package our work, tuning and molding a model to different setups, whether they be predictions with a CPU, an industrial-grade embedded system, or a beefy datacenter GPU like the A100.

In this advanced program, you will learn deep learning techniques and use cases in computer vision and NLP.

Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, GPU
Computer Vision, NLP, Forecasting, Recommender Systems
Experienced AI Researchers and Data Science Professionals
Increase the odds of getting hired by building cool projects


Online Live

16 weeks

About the Program

The Applied Deep Learning course is developed for data scientists who want to up-skill themselves or students and professionals who want to learn applied AI techniques for a career transition.  It prepares learners with the necessary theoretical and technical foundations before getting more specialized. Students are required to have python and basic machine learning knowledge before enrolling in this course.

for those who want to
  • Upskill themselves and get specialized in applied deep learning
  • Get a job in AI

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What you will learn

  • In-depth knowledge of deep learning theory
    Gaining in-depth knowledge of neural networks and deep learning techniques
    • Neural Networks and backpropagation
    • Different activation functions
    • Various optimization methods
    • Regularization techniques
    • Batch normalizations
  • Master industry-leading DL tools and platforms
    Practice deep learning techniques using the most popular tools such as Tensorflow 2.0, Keras, PyTorch and learn how to speed up your processing using GPU servers
    • Tensorflow 2.0
    • Keras
    • PyTorch
    • AWS/Azure GPU
  • Apply deep learning to real-life problems
    This course is extremely hands-on. Students will learn how to use Tensorflow and Pytorch to train deep neural nets to solve various data challenges including image classifications, natural language processing, transfer learning, anomaly detection, recommender systems.
    • Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
    • NLP using RNN and LSTM
    • Sentiment Analysis using Transfer Learning
    • Embeddings for Recommender System
    • Autoencoders for Anomaly Detection
  • Build your AI portfolio under the guidance of our AI mentors
    Throughout the course, students will need to complete two deep learning projects. Our assistant instructors and AI mentors will provide the guidance and support you need to build something awesome.
    • Receive TA support
    • Guidance from mentors on project ideation
    • Work on unique and cool projects


Watch our recorded webinar and learn more about Data Science career and industry insights.
Meet Your Faculty: Ali Madani
Meet Your Faculty: Farnoosh Khodakarami
Building the Mini-B Robot by Rhys Williams

Instructors & Guest Speakers

Online Learning Platform

Learn anywhere, anytime

Track your learning journey
Watch lecture recordings, work on coding challenges, ask for TA help, and get resume and job support. The learning portal allows you to track your entire learning journey with ease.
Sharpen your coding skills
Leverage our online coding tool to test your knowledge, identify your weaknesses, and improve your Python and SQL coding skills. The LeetCode style live coding challenges will help you get prepared for technical job interviews.


The data & AI job market is extremely competitive. It’s hard to stand out and get noticed without relevant background and experience. This program focuses on applied deep learning techniques with a relentless focus on hands-on projects.
What you will work on
  • Learn how to scope out AI projects and map out the workflow
  • Work on machine learning project from inception to completion
  • Work in an agile project management environment and learn how to break down tasks using Scrum


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