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Launch your career in Data and AI through our bootcamp programs

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Data Science & Big Data

Become a data engineer by learning how to build end-to-end data pipelines


Become a data analyst through building hands-on data/business use cases

Become an AI/ML engineer by getting specialized in deep learning, computer vision, NLP, and MLOps

Become a DevOps Engineer by learning AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, IaaS, IaC (Terraform), and CI/CD

Short Courses

Improve your data & AI skills through self-paced and instructor-led courses

  • Industry-leading curriculum
  • Portfolio projects
  • Part-time flexible schedule
Portfolio Courses

Learn to build impressive data/AI portfolio projects that get you hired

  • Portfolio project workshops
  • Work on real industry data & AI project
  • Job readiness assessment
  • Career support & job referrals

Build data strategies and solve ML challenges for real clients

Help real clients build BI dashboard and tell data stories

Build end to end data pipelines in the cloud for real clients


Choose to learn at your comfort home or at one of our campuses

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AI/Data Transformations with our customized and proven curriculum

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Our Students

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Data Engineering
Data Engineering Fundamentals

In the age of big data and data-driven AI, many companies start to realize the importance of establishing data engineering best practices. As a result, the demand for data engineering has been growing rapidly. Currently there is a huge supply and demand mismatch in the talent market. One reason for the imbalance is that modern data engineering requires new tools/skills and traditional learning environments such as universities, colleges, and bootcamps don’t keep up with the trends. Another reason is that data engineering is hard to teach! Curriculums need to be extremely hands-on, and it requires very seasoned instructors who work in the fields to teach in the most practical way.

Interested in becoming a data engineer? Want to acquire the essential DE skills and build portfolio projects? Fill out the form to download syllabus or talk to our program advisor directly.

At a Glance
What you will learn

In this 12-week part-time course you will learn how to code like a data engineer and build up the foundation skills for a data engineering. The core skills covered in this course include: python and scala programming, bash/shell scripting, docker and kubernetes, cloud computing (AWS, GCP), as well as apache spark.

You will put these tools to use by implementing a capstone big data project and learn how to build big data pipelines with the guidance from our expert instructors who specialize in these areas

Spark, Kubernetes, Airflow, AWS, GCP
Learn to think like a data engineer
Learn and practice through projects
Weekly Leetcode practice and solution sharing


Online Live

12 weeks

About the Program

Data engineers are usually harder to train and source because the program needs to be very practical/hands-on and there is not much theory to teach. The open-source communities are also pushing out new tools and platforms on a regular basis which makes teaching data engineering challenging because materials need to be updated rapidly to keep up with the latest trends. At WeCloudData, we have heard from many hiring managers and recruiting agencies say that while the demand for data engineers is great, data engineer talents are even harder to find compared to data scientists.

The Data Engineering Fundamentals course is a 12-week part-time course that trains IT professionals, data scientists, and developers who want to up-skill themselves to get into the data engineering field. This is an intensive and hands-on course that requires a lot of programming, scripting, and project implementation. You will learn Linux, Docker, Scala & Functional Programming, Apache Spark and build an end-to-end data pipeline in the AWS cloud.

for those who want to
  • Data Engineers from traditional ETL background who want to acquire modern DE skills
  • Developers and Software Engineers who are interested in building data applications
  • IT Professionals who want to explore new paths
  • Data Scientists who want to switch to the engineering world

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What you will learn

  • Learn Containerization Essentials
    Data Engineers need to be very familiar with Linux and Docker containers. This module teaches students commonly used Linux commands and how to pull, run, and build your own containers. The instructor will also cover Kubernetes basics in an AWS environment.
    • Get your way around in a Linux development like a pro
    • Dockerize your application and start delivering microservices
    • Dive into the details of Docker, create image, Dockerhub, Docker network and more
    • Learn how to orchestrate containers on Kubernetes
  • Lay the Functional Programming Foundation for Apache Spark
    Scala programming language can be found in use at some of the best tech companies like LinkedIn, Twitter, and FourSquare. Scala’s performance has ignited interest amongst several financial institutions to use it for derivative pricing in EDF Trading. The biggest names in the digital economy that are investing in Scala programming for big data processing are - Kafka created by LinkedIn and Scalding created by Twitter. With powerful monoids, combinators, pattern matching features, provision to create DSL’s and more -Scala as a tool for big data processing on Apache Spark is definitely a certainty.
    • Process big data with Apache Spark
      • Setup your own Hadoop environment in Docker-Compose
      • Build Spark applications in AWS EMR and Databricks
      • Processing large datasets with Spark DataFrame
      • Spark performance tuning like a pro
    • Learn how to develop data pipelines
      Real-world data engineering is never textbook-like. Data operators have complex dependencies. A data engineer will need to build robust data pipelines that handle dependency DAGs, data quality checks, scheduling, backfilling, error checking, etc. This module helps students connect the dots by implementing a cloud-based data processing pipeline using Apache Airflow.
      • Understand data lineage and pipelines in enterprises
      • Workflow management using Apache Airflow
      • Automate data pipelines for data processing
    • Build pipelines, break them, and optimize them
      Students will need to complete an end-to-end data pipeline in the cloud using AWS, Docker, Airflow, and Apache Spark. The instructor will give expert suggestion and guidance on how to engineer pipelines in the most efficient way and help you build real experience faster.


      Watch our recorded webinar and learn more about Data Science career and industry insights.
      Data Engineering Program Info Session
      Data Engineer Career Panel Discussion
      Meet Your TA: Zheng Xu
      Meet Your TA: David Tian

      Instructors & Guest Speakers

      Online Learning Platform

      Learn anywhere, anytime

      Track your learning journey
      Watch lecture recordings, work on coding challenges, ask for TA help, and get resume and job support. The learning portal allows you to track your entire learning journey with ease.
      Sharpen your coding skills
      Leverage our online coding tool to test your knowledge, identify your weaknesses, and improve your Python and SQL coding skills. The LeetCode style live coding challenges will help you get prepared for technical job interviews.


      Build portfolio projects that impress hiring managers
      Learn how to build end-to-end data engineering pipelines and showcase that to hiring managers. Your resume will shine with the projects you work on in this course.
      What you will work on
      • Build an end-to-end data pipeline on AWS/GCP
      • Automate the workflow using Apache airflow
      • Transform data in real-time using Serverless
      • Process big data using Apache Spark on EMR
      • Containerize data pipelines and run data infrastructure on Kubernetes
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