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If you are a new graduate or career switcher interested in a data scientist career path, WeCloudData’s Data Science bootcamp is the best option. We offer the most structured data science learning path. Students learn with hands-on projects, build real experience via industry data projects, and receive six months of career mentorship to help them land a data scientist job. Our data science bootcamp is consistently ranked as one of the top coding bootcamps. Inquire today to become a data scientist with WeCloudData.

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About the Program

The Applied Data Science & Big Data Diploma Program (Data Science Bootcamp) is a full-time immersive learning program that helps recent graduates and career switchers break into data science. The learning package includes 14 weeks of intensive study, six months of project experience building, and six months of mentorship and job support after graduation. WeCloudData is committed to an extensive support period to help our learners achieve their career change/kickstart dreams. If you want to switch jobs in a relatively shorter timeframe, this program will become your best career investment. A part-time program is also available for learners who cannot commit to an immersive program.

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WeCloudData is the perfect place to grow your career

Choose your network & mentor wisely
Interacting with expert instructors, engaging with classmates, working on group projects, meeting with real clients and networking with a community of like-minded professionals. You'll be able to build your network and collaborate with people from all backgrounds, strengthening bonds and making friends in the process!
Solving real-world problems
In our bootcamp, we'll give you an opportunity that many graduates don't have: work on something meaningful and important right away. You will be able to even contribute ideas or solutions that make an impactful change! Teamwork is an essential part of data career. In our bootcamp, we'll have you work with other students and a Project Manager to complete a Real-Client project.
Comprehensive bootcamp with a focus on skills that are in high demand
No other bootcamp offers the flexibility and variety of topics, the number of hours and instructors, and the depth of knowledge in this industry. WeCloudData is a one-stop destination to learn data science - from basic concepts to building data-driven applications. Your learning is personalized and all your questions are answered by our expert instructors.
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Ranked #1 Data Training Program


A path more than just courses


Gain Hands-on Experience with Real-client Projects

The Data & AI Job Market is highly competitive. It is easier to stand out and get noticed with relevant background and experience. Therefore, WeCloudData has gone the extra mile to bring real-life projects into the classroom. Our Part-Time Data Science Bootcamp students will work on real business scenario-based projects. The Full-Time Data Science Bootcamp students will get the opportunities to work on real client projects.
Portfolio Project

Build real project experience to differentiate

We also have a capstone project that gives our students the chance to synthesize their learning and build a portfolio piece they can showcase on their resume or LinkedIn profile. This helps them stand out from other applicants when applying for jobs or opportunities.


Drive Success with Interactive Learning Experience

Daily Schedule
9:00-10:00AM (Eastern)
Kick off the day with a 30-minute coding challenge and 30 minutes of lecture preview. The morning routine helps you build your coding muscle memories and get prepared for interviews. Students also spend time going through on-demand preview materials and get prepared for the topics of the day. Teaching assistants will be present to answer questions from the previous days as well.
10:00-12:00AM (Eastern)
A lecture session led by an instructor, covering foundational concepts or specific topics in data science. This session could include presentations, demonstrations, and discussions.
12:00-1:00PM (Eastern)
Enjoy a one-hour lunch break to recharge and socialize with other participants. This break can be used for meals, networking, or relaxation.
1:00-3:00PM (Eastern)
Engage in a hands-on workshop or practical exercise related to the morning lecture. Participants can work on coding exercises, data analysis tasks, or projects under the guidance of teaching assistants.
4:00-5:00PM (Eastern)
Wrap up the day’s activities with a brief summary of the key takeaways and any important announcements for the next day. Participants can also ask questions or seek clarification on any topics covered throughout the day.
There’s a lot of take in on any given bootcamp day. Most students will spend the evenings as quiet time to review materials, lesson recordings and watch self-paced lessons to prepare for the next day.
Weekly Schedule
Students in the immersive data science bootcamp will be given the industry use case of the week on Monday. Students will then work in groups during the week to learn and practice the use case.
Apart from the daily lessons, labs, and exercises, students will work on peer programming exercises as well. A specific (small) data science challenge will be given to the groups of learners to tackle in the breakout sessions. Learners will learn from each other while get better understanding of the topics covered during the week.
Small quizzes will help learners test their comprehension of the materials and build confidence. The Wednesday quiz usually lasts for an hour and students will still need to work through the labs and other exercises.
Lab instructors will provide feedback on assignments and have code review sessions with the learners. Learners are expected to get more comfortable with sharing their code and learn from each other.
We select one group to present the use case study and the class will have a roundtable discussion. Use case videos will be shared with learners so they can learn from the industry experts.
* Mon-Fri Regular Hours
* All learners in the immersive program have access to real client projects which will start at the end of the 14-week program. Students will go through project on-boarding quizzes and trainings before assigned to projects.
Bootcamp Journey

Learn from the best instructors & TA

We’ve brought together a team of highly skilled and experienced instructors to help you learn effectively. Our instructors have a passion for teaching and a wealth of real-world experiences in their respective fields, so you can be confident that you’re learning from the best.


Be ready for the new economy

WeCloudData Bootcamps are designed to be project-based. We not only cover essential theories, but also teach how to apply tools and platforms that are in high demand today. Our program curriculum is also highly adaptive to the latest market trends. 

Module 1
Data Science with SQL
This module introduces learners to SQL, one of the essential data analytics skills. Students will learn to write SQL queries to extract, transform, aggregate, pivot, and join data. Students also learn to apply Tableau and SQL for visual storytelling under various contexts.
  • Apply advanced SQL functions to analyze financial market time series data
  • Analyze the latest trends in Web3 and OpenAI ChatGPT using SQL
  • Design visual storytelling on retail data with Tableau and SQL
  • Data preparation for machine learning with SQL
  • Database (RDBMS)
  • SQL
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Aggregation
  • Analytic Functions
  • SQL Performance Tuning
  • Data Exploration
  • Data Preparation
Module 2
Data Science with Python
This module teaches students some of the most practical data science and analytics skills using Python. Students will start with python programming basics and move towards advanced topics such as DataFrame, visualization, web scraping, database integration, and building interactive apps using Streamlit. The module focuses on building things that are fun and practical for businesses.
  • Master the fundamental python programming skills
  • Analyze and manipulate structured and unstructured data using Pandas DataFrame
  • Collect data from the web using scraping techniques
  • Work with web and data APIs such as OpenAI ChatGPT and Twitter
  • Database integration via SQLAlchmey and Psycopg2
  • Visualize data and discovery patterns using Pandas, Matplotlib, and Plotly/Seaborn
  • Build interactive visual applications with Streamlit
  • Python
  • Data Structure
  • Functions & Modules
  • Pandas DataFrame
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Web Scraping
  • HTML Basics
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Selenium
  • Data APIs
  • Database Integration
  • Python Packaging
Module 3
Applied Machine Learning
The Machine Learning unit introduces students to machine learning, including the concepts, algorithms, and techniques used to train and deploy machine learning models. Students will learn about supervised and unsupervised learning and popular algorithms such as linear regression and decision trees.
  • Apply popular machine learning algorithms to solve real-world problems
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of machine learning, including supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Evaluate the performance of a machine learning model and use techniques such as cross-validation to improve it
  • Math (Statistic, Linear Algebra)
  • EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis)
  • Feature Preparation
  • Feature Selection
  • Feature Engineering
  • Regression Analysis
  • Classification
  • Ensemble Trees (GBM, XGBoost, Random Forest)
  • Model Validation
  • Hyperparameter Tuning
  • Clustering
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning
  • NLP
  • Text Classification
  • Sentiment Analysis
Module 4
Big Data
The Big Data unit introduces students to big data, including the concepts, technologies, and techniques used to manage and analyze large data sets. Students will learn about the characteristics of big data, such as volume, velocity, variety, and veracity, as well as the challenges and opportunities it presents. They will also learn about popular big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases and how they can store, process, and analyze big data.
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of big data, including its characteristics and challenges
  • Use popular big data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark to store, process, and analyze big data
  • Understand the basic concepts of distributed computing and how it is used to process big data
  • Understand the basic concepts of data visualization and how it can be used to present big data insights
  • Big data concepts and characteristics
  • Big data technologies and their usage
  • Distributed computing
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analysis and Data Wrangling
Module 5
Business Use Cases & Agile Project Management
This unit introduces students to deep learning, including the concepts, algorithms, and techniques used to train and deploy deep neural networks. In addition, students will learn about the architecture and principles of deep neural networks, such as artificial neural networks, convolutional neural networks, and recurrent neural networks.This unit is designed to introduce students to the field of deep learning, including the concepts, algorithms, and techniques used to train and deploy deep neural networks. Students will learn about the architecture and principles of deep neural networks, such as artificial neural networks, convolutional neural networks, and recurrent neural networks.
  • Telecom churn prediction
  • Recommender system
  • Supply chain forecasting
  • Retail customer segmentation
  • Social sentiment analysis
  • Bank fraud detection
  • Bank loan approval
  • Ads CTR prediction
  • Insurance claims prediction
  • Business Presentation
  • Use Case Study
  • Agile Project Management
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Diagraming
Module 6
Career Preparation
Before entering the 1-1 career mentoring, students will learn about the Data Science job market and build job search skills. Career coaches will teach graduates how to structure resumes, apply for jobs, and ace the interviews. Students work in groups for peer mock interview practice.
  • Research
  • Cold Calling
  • Networking
  • Presentation
  • Salary Negotiation

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Career Services

Career success takes more than just courses

Taking courses alone don’t guarantee career success. WeCloudData’s career mentoring service, community events, and workshops are top-notch! We put in lots of effort outside of the classes to help learners grow their knowledge, confidence, job skills as well as network.

1-on-1 Mentorship

Available in all bootcamp programs, the career mentorship service helps close job market knowledge gap and provides the support our learners need to land a job.

Networking & Community

WeCloudOpen is a community built for tech leaners, practitioners who want to share thoughts, tips, and best practices with fellow learners and grow together.

Events & Workshops

Catching up with the latest tech industry trends by attending WeCloudOpen Workshops and community events. Learn practical tools and always stay relevant. 


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WeCloudOpen is here to help you unlock your full potential in tech, with our free courses and workshop. Learn the fundamentals of coding and data, and become a proficient tech professional in no time!

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Our comprehensive courses on Python and SQL are the perfect way to start your journey into the world of tech. WeCloudOpen ensures you learn the basics without any hassles

WeCloudOpen Workshop

Our free workshops offer topics like Business Intelligence, Data Science, Data Engineering, DevOps, Machine Learning – allowing you to get a head start in tech career

student success

What our graduates are saying

Pooja Sureja (2022 Alumni)

“Best Bootcamp!!”

I started my journey as a Mechanical Engineer. Making a career transition was hard decision to make. All the teachers and professors have played an important role shaping my professional career. Their care for the students’ well being and their ability to cater to all learning styles was one of the keys to my success. I would definitely recommend this program for all the career switchers. Awesome career service provider. Mentors are well educated and help a lot in resume building, interview preparation.


Han Liu (2021 Alumni)

  • Overall ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Curriculum ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Job Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“Best Bootcamp!!”

The staff at WCD are very professional and supportive. Especially Tianshu and Ernesto, they are very quick response and willing to help me with questions even in late night! Based on my experience, real client projects are the most valuable experience for beginner like me to land job in DS position!


Shima Sadat (2022 Alumni)

  • Overall ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Curriculum ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Job Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


“Data Science Program”

A great program! The course content was amazing, well-designed and organized from pre-work courses to milestone assignments and real-life projects. Finally, I could find my favorite job I was looking for. I would recommend this program to everyone at any level.


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How to write a DA/BI resume with no (relevant) work experience?
July 16, 2024
8:00 pm -
 10:00 pm
[Lunch & Learn] Info Session: Self-paced Data/AI bootcamp
July 16, 2024
12:30 pm -
 1:30 pm
[Lunch & Learn] Info Session: Self-paced DS/DE/MLE bootcamp
July 17, 2024
12:30 pm -
 1:30 pm
Data Science BootCamp Info Session
July 18, 2024
8:00 pm -
 10:00 pm
[Lunch & Learn] Workshop: MLOps Learning Path
July 18, 2024
12:30 pm -
 1:30 pm
[Lunch & Learn] AMA: SQL Mentoring Session
July 19, 2024
12:30 pm -
 1:30 pm
[Lunch & Learn] How to write a Data Engineer Resume
July 22, 2024
12:30 pm -
 1:30 pm
[Lunch & Learn] Workshop: Python Interview Questions
July 23, 2024
12:30 pm -
 1:30 pm
[Lunch & Learn] AMA: Data Science Q&A
July 24, 2024
12:30 pm -
 1:30 pm
Data & AI Career Guides – Reverse Engineer Job Search
July 25, 2024
8:00 pm -
 10:00 pm

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Frequently asked questions about the bootcamp
They follow the same curriculum. The full-time program is for learners who have time to study full-time and complete the bootcamp in 12 to 14 weeks. The part-time program is 26 weeks long and is suitable for learners who have a full time job and want the flexibility. Both options are intense and require dedication.
Data engineers help the organization ingest, collection, and transform large amounts of data. Data engineers deal with raw data and understands data models very well. The output of DE’s work are usually data warehouse or data lakes that store cleansed and transformed data. Data scientists and analysts will consume those data for business intelligence and machine learning/predictive analytics. Data analysts will focus on analyzing data to address ad-hoc business questions. They are good at SQL and database queries and know the business metrics well. Data analysts will also build KPI dashboards that are consumed by business teams and executives for day to day operations. Data scientists perform advanced analytics and machine learning to help the business address predictive questions. It goes beyond answering the what and why questions, and help business make personalized recommendations to improve sales, identifying high-risk transactions to prevent loss, finding good customer segments to generate more revenue, etc.
Yes. It’s possible to watch the recording only without support. It is also possible to watch the recordings and get learning and career mentorship. Please talk to our learning advisors for more details.
Whether you go with a full-time or part-time Bootcamp depends on a few factors. 1. are you able to afford quitting your current job? If not, go with the part-time Bootcamp. 2. How soon do you want the career switch to materialize? If you want it to happen sooner, full-time is a better option. 3. Do you have the grit to have a full-time job while grinding through a busy part-time Bootcamp? If yes, maybe part-time is a better option. Otherwise, full-time Bootcamp gives you the disciplined environment you need to push forward. Quitting your full-time job is generally not recommended during a tough job market or when the market is not bullish. Financial stability is very important and make the decision to quit your full-time job only when you can afford 6-12 months of runway, when your existing busy job doesn’t allow you the luxury to study part-time, or when you need the handholding and concentration to fully immerse yourself in school for a few months.
WeCloudData offers a unique project-based learning approach. Unlike other bootcamps, we give students the opportunity to work on real-life consulting projects as part of the learning journey. The real projects help students gain confidence, show real experience on the resume, get more interviews, have real experience to talk about during the interviews, and adapt to new jobs quickly.
Learners joining the data science bootcamp don’t need to have strong data science experience. The bootcamp is supposed to prepare you for the job market. However, being able to demonstrate basic data handling skills using excel or experience working with tables and spreadsheets are the minimum requirements. Basic data sense and logical thinking is also important. There will be a screening test that the learners need to pass in order to get admitted into the program. If you come from a non-tech, non-STEM, non-CS background, it’s totally fine. However, pre-bootcamp preparation is the key. We highly recommend learners take the Data Fundamentals course before joining the data science bootcamp. It equips them with the right skills to become successful in the bootcamp. If you won’t be available for the data fundamentals course, we recommend you take the free SQL and python courses at your own pace. Completing the data fundamentals course also give learners the opportunities to be eligible for additional scholarship because it shows the commitment to success.
Students who have graduated from the data science bootcamp are a good mix of backgrounds. About half the cohort will be career switchers and professionals who don’t come from data and tech background. 30% of the learners are recent graduates. Some of them are from CS, statistics, and engineering background. 10-20% of learners already have some data analytics skills via self-learning or previous work and they are in the bootcamp to up-skill and learn more about machine learning and big data. About half of the learners have a bachelor’s degree and 40% have a Master’s degree and 10% have PhD background. Almost everyone’s goal is to land a job in data science.
To get the most up to date information about the Data Science job market, we recommend you check out the Job Market Report and blog posts on our website. Typically, data scientists are expected to be paid an average base salary of $120k USD in the U.S. and $100k CAD in Canada. Senior data scientists can be compensated well over $150k USD.
The job market demand for data scientist is very high. It is getting very competitive because there’re more junior data scientists competing for entry level jobs, which are somewhat limited in a tough job market in recent years. However, as an applicant, all you need is an advantage/edge to beat 95% the career switchers and junior DS out there. The best way to achieve this is through project experience building. As long as you have the right skills and relevant industry experience you will have a very big advantage. This is exactly what WeCloudData’s project-based learning can offer. Our 1-1 career mentoring service will also make sure that you have the right interview experience to stand out to employers.
PhD is not required for all DS jobs. Only about 12% of the data scientist jobs specifically mention PhD in the description. 40%-50% of the DS jobs require a minimum of Bachelor’s degree and 30% of the DS jobs require Master’s degree. Of course, having a higher degree will always be an advantage but employers are more interested in experienced candidates. So if you have strong project portfolio and even real project experiences, it weigh much more than education background.
Yes, statistics is important knowledge to have if you want to become a data scientist. But there’s no need to complete a statistics book or course. It’s more important to understand how to use statistics for specific data science scenarios such as AB testing, understanding metrics, understanding statistical learning algorithms. Those don’t require very deep knowledge of statistics and can be picked up quickly. The bootcamp will prepare you for math and statistics. We also highly recommend learners go through the pre-bootcamp.
Most career switchers who don’t have STEM background will have doubts. Based on WeCloudData’s experience, lack of tech background can be quickly overcome by working on practical projects. There’re definitely learning curves to overcome during the bootcamp but that 3-6 months will be worth the effort. Considering that it will have a profound impact on your future career path, it’s worth the pain! Getting into data science or other data professions give you exposure to some of the best job opportunities and you will also have more options to become product managers and project managers in this space. You can also go pretty far down a technical career path. WeCloudData will give you the support and care you need along the way and help you become successful.
Yes. The recent hype in generative AI is real. We’ve seen the power of ChatGPT. Some have fear that jobs like data scientist and analyst will be replaced by ChatGPT. However, one needs to realize that chatGPT is just a language model. It won’t be able to replace a data scientist any time soon. Of course, there’re code interpreters that can even generate code to do analysis, but real analytics tasks require understanding of business context, rules, and data itself. Generative AI is not close when it comes to reasoning and analytics and to create real business value we still need data scientists. The demand for DS and AI talents will also increase due to many business starting to realize the power of data and AI. Being able to write a few lines of code DOES NOT equal data science. Data scientists often need to exert influence on decision making and having emotional intelligence is also extremely important. That is not something ChatGPT can do. But it will help data scientists become more efficient so we should all be adapting to it.
This course is designed to be very hands-on. It’s impossible to become good at data science without actually digging into the data, analyzing it, and developing solutions that will impact business. There will be lots of lab exercises and homework to keep students busy and the projects will help learners gain practical experience. If you prefer a more academic environment, we recommend you consider a Master’s program. If you want to gain practical experience and build portfolio projects, this is the perfect course.
Learners in the part-time program usually spend 15 to 20 hours each week (including the lectures and labs) and learners in the full-time program usually spend 40-60 hours per week.
Yes, during the regular weeks we have office hours and labs sheets students get to follow labs and ask questions. During the project weeks, students will join the project mentoring sessions to interact the project mentors.
Yes, all learners in the full-time program are eligible to work on real client projects. There are two types of projects: personal projects (also called capstone or portfolio projects) and real client projects. All students in the course will need to complete the capstone project. The real client project is a different training and career service offered at WeCloudData via our partner Beamdata. Learners will become a trainee and receive project-based training. Learners will be assigned to a real project team to work with clients and get mentored and trained by our project managers and project leads. It’s a great learning opportunity and also allow the students to gain real experience to stand out in the job market. You can talk to our learning advisors to find more details.
Yes. The Data Science Part-time Bootcamp comes with 6 months of career mentorship. During the bootcamp, we host resume workshops, interview preparation sessions and help students with their resumes and portfolio projects. After the Bootcamp, students will enter a 6-month career mentoring phase where they work with an industry mentor on a one-on-one basis for job search. Mentoring sessions are one of the most important advantage of WeCloudData’s bootcamps. It offers services beyond resume help and the mentors are all data industry professionals instead of regular career counselors.
Our career services include: resume workshop, interview workshop, industry guest lectures, job recommendation and referral, 1-1 career mentoring.
You can find our alumni reviews and stories by visiting the student success pages.
Upon successfully completing the Bootcamp, Canadian learners will get a diploma issued by WeCloudData Academy (under Ministry of Education). Please contact our learning advisor for more details. For US and international learners, you will get a Bootcamp certificate.
Yes. Scholarship is available for students who meet the requirements. A scholarship test needs to be completed and the learner needs have a 20-minute live assessment with the program manager. Alumni who have completed courses that meet the pre-requisites will also be eligible for scholarships. We also provide newcomers, new grad, and women-in-tech scholarships. Please contact our learning advisors for details.
Yes. We offer flexible payment plans and work with 3rd parties to offer loans as well. Please fill out the inquiry form to access the course package page. It has the payment plan details. Or you can contact our learning advisors for more details.
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How to write a DA/BI resume with no (relevant) work experience?
July 16, 2024
8:00 pm -
 10:00 pm
[Lunch & Learn] Info Session: Self-paced Data/AI bootcamp
July 16, 2024
12:30 pm -
 1:30 pm
[Lunch & Learn] Info Session: Self-paced DS/DE/MLE bootcamp
July 17, 2024
12:30 pm -
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Data Science BootCamp Info Session
July 18, 2024
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[Lunch & Learn] Workshop: MLOps Learning Path
July 18, 2024
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