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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Bootcamp (West Coast)

Applied Business Intelligence

The Applied Business Intelligence Certificate bootcamp is a constantly evolving curated collection of industry-relevant use cases that has been designed to impress hiring managers with extensive skills and an eye-catching portfolio to match. Start with the basics of data analysis skills and progress by learning how to apply the skills in end-to-end industry use cases with senior professionals as your instructors. Build an impactful portfolio with relevant business problem solving context. At the end of the program, work with an industry mentor who will coach you on how to improve your personal brand through impactful storytelling and presentation skills during interviews.

At WeCloudData, we realize how everyone’s background is unique so we cater to each individual according to their unique needs. Regardless of whether you are a fresh graduate looking for an entry way into the data industry or an experienced professional looking to enhance your data skills, you will find that our team is solely focused on helping you build your skills and land your dream job!

At a Glance
What you will learn

In 12 weeks, you will be working with several expert data instructors to learn and build skills in:
• Excel
• Python
• Tableau
• Power BI

You will also learn domain specific knowledge with 8 industry use cases in:
• Marketing Analytics • Digital Marketing
• Retail/E-Commerce • Big Open Data Platform
• FinTech • Credit Risk Analytics
• Supply Chain • Microsoft 365 Workflow Automation.

* Content subject to change depending on market trendsIn 12 weeks, you will be working with several expert data instructors to learn and build skills in:
• Excel
• Python
• Tableau
• Power BI

You will also learn domain specific knowledge with 8 industry use cases in:
• Marketing Analytics • Digital Marketing
• Retail/E-Commerce • Big Open Data Platform
• FinTech • Credit Risk Analytics
• Supply Chain • Microsoft 365 Workflow Automation.

* Content subject to change depending on market trends

Project-based Learning
5 data tools + 8 use cases
Build your business sense
Build your storytelling skills
One-on-one Support
Daily TA office hours (AMA)
Career Support
6 months of 1-1 career service


Online Live

12 weeks

Business intelligence project using Tableau

About the Program

The Applied Business Intelligence Certificate program will turn you into a full-stack business intelligence/data analyst in 12 weeks. You will be working with 5 instructors who are data experts from different industries. They will teach you not only 5 essential data tools but also 8 different industry use cases so you graduate with both data and business sense and a detailed portfolio of your work. It is a pure remote learning experience, so you get the comfort and flexibility while keeping your full-time job. Career switch is made easy with WeCloudData because we offer the best learning and career support. You join daily TA office hours to ask for support and receive feedback on your coding assignments, projects, as well as your presentation skills. Whether you are a fresh graduate looking to gain an efficient entry into the world of data or a seasoned professional looking to switch lanes or add on vital data skills to thrive in the digital business world, this program will ensure your success. If you are looking for a fast-track program with the most practical curriculum and top-notch support that lead to successful results then please fill out the inquiry form or talk to our program advisor.

Who should consider this program?
  • Fresh graduates and new job seekers who are finding directions and looking for the first job
  • Experienced professionals who want to change lanes and switch careers or add on a new vital skillset
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What you will learn

Excel is one of the most widely used data software in the business world, which makes it an appropriate fit for the beginning milestone of the data analytics journey. During this module, students will be reintroduced to the basics of Excel as well as the newest features that are available for analytical tasks. In addition to the plethora of functions, students will use Excel to create comprehensive reports while applying the best practices used for analytics and visualizations which still makes it one of the most popular tools for business intelligence. This course will cover the basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel while a focus on hands-on practice through commonly used business applications such as reporting and dashboard, advanced database functions, logical tests, Pivot tables, and what-if analysis.
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Advanced database functions
  • Logical tests
  • Pivot tables
  • What-if analysis
  • Advanced report formatting
  • Project 1: Student Dataset
  • Project 2: Kickstarter Analysis
  • Project 3: Financial reporting
With this course, students will pick up the SQL skills to impress any manager with their ability to effortlessly communicate with databases and work with multi-dimensional data structures. You will learn how to expertly turn questions into queries, go beyond select-from-where to use nested queries, complex joins and window functions to solve complex problems and optimize query performance.
  • Introduction to SQL
  • SQL, databases and working with tables
  • Basic SQL commands
  • Advanced data filtering
  • SQL data types
  • SQL functions and data aggregation
  • Subqueries, merge and join tables
  • Views and window functions
  • Project 1: Movie dataset
  • Project 2: Credit Bureau dataset
Python has grown to be one of the most popular general-purpose languages in the computing domain with heavy implementation in back-end development, software development and data science among other things. Being an open-source high level programming language with the support of high-quality libraries, it is one of the go-to tools for any data practitioner. With libraries like Pandas, NumPy, scikit-learn and others, it makes Python the perfect choice for any data-related activities. This course teaches students data manipulation, cleansing and preparation techniques for data analytics and business intelligence in Python.
  • Installation and environment setup
  • Python object and data types
  • Python statements
  • Methods and functions
  • Modules and packages
  • Project 1: Web scraping project
  • Project 2: Campaign analysis
Nothing leaves a more impactful impression of a story than visuals. With the data that you will be using in Tableau, you are now capable of creating stunning visuals that provide deep insights. This course is designed to gain a thorough understanding of the way Tableau interface works, to design dashboards and automate interactive reports. The course will provide a framework behind those reports to get the message across effectively from a visual perspective.
  • Forecasting and clustering
  • Basic calculations and advanced calculations
  • Parameters and comparing measures
  • Bubble charts/ Quadrant analysis histogram and box plots
  • Setting up dashboard and good chart tips
  • Tableau layout and connecting to databases
  • Project 1: U.S. unemployment dataset
  • Project 2: Interview practice project
  • Project 3: Web analytics dashboard
Adding to Microsoft’s list of business power tools, Power BI is a relatively new joiner in the domain but has been widely adopted in a short amount of time by many businesses. It is a business analytics service that aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards. Being an all-in-one tool for analytics, it is capable of taking a dataset from cleaning all the way to prediction models and visualizations within a single software package. While other software are analytically amazing and visually stunning, they tend to lack the ETL capabilities as compared to what Power BI offers with its two powerful engines under the hood: Query Editor and Data Model. Data has to be clean and ready for Tableau and real data is always messy. Arguably, Power BI combines the ETL aspects of Alteryx while retaining the EDA (exploratory data analysis) functionalities of Tableau.
  • Use Query Editor to connect to hundred data sources and clean up data.
  • Use Data Model to build relationships between tables and data analysis expressions (DAX)
  • Put together a self-service BI without having to depend on IT
  • Provide business with a 360° view of how business is doing and where it is going
  • Project 1: Neighbourhood Rating Tool
  • Project 2: Supply Chain dashboard
  • Project 3: Retail dashboard
Data skills are transferrable from industry to industry. However, the knowledge and experience of dealing with different kinds of data and business scenarios are what separate Senior DA from Junior DA. To stand out in the job market, career switchers will need to demonstrate extra knowledge and experience and impress hiring managers in the interviews with business knowledge. In this program, instructors from different industries will teach 8 use cases. It is like a mini-MBA but much more hands-on and data-driven.
  • Digital Transformation: apply practical tools and techniques to make open data consumable, visualize trends and patterns, and present conclusions and recommendations to general public
  • FinTech: learn how to build data products to solve real problems in payment, lending, trading and insurance space
  • Supply Chain Analytics: learn how to build supply chain management (SCM) dashboard
  • Digital Marketing: learn to work with Google Analytics data using Google Big Query and visualize web traffic trends with Tableau dashboard
  • Marketing Analytics: learn to work with CRM data to answer complex business/sales questions
  • Microsoft 365 Workflow Automation: learn how to build reusable workflows that lead to productivity gains for businesses
  • Credit Risk Analytics: learn how to build risk models to predict loan default probability for retail banks
  • Retail/E-commerce: learn how to write complex Power BI DAX formula and build a self-serve dashboard for E-Commerce data


Watch our recorded webinar and learn more about data career and industry insights.
Why WeCloudData's BI Program?
Meet Your Faculty: Heeral Patel
Meet Your Faculty: Pravin Khatake
Type of project you will work on

Instructors & Guest Speakers

past guest speakers
Learn from the experts working in Business Intelligence
Eric Liu
Co-founder & CEO at WeCareer Inc.
Alina Rivilis
AVP, Data Science & Big Data @IGM
Ashraf Ghonaim
Strategic Management and Analytics Consultant | Microsoft MVP
Jason Yu
Senior Manager, Marketing Science @ RBC
Lokesh Saluja
Senior Data Scientist, Labatt Breweries of Canada


Build data analytics portfolio projects
It’s impossible and unnecessary to learn everything. So you learn 20% essential skills to solve 80% business problems. You learn just enough to pass technical interviews.
Resume: do things worth writing, write things worth reading.
Portfolio: 8 projects each including business model + data model + clean code + compelling visual.
You will never have all the qualifications listed on the job descriptions so focus on their needs (challenges) and emotions (frustrations) – that’s how you click with them!
Past Clients
What you will work on
  • Open Data Analytics
  • Digital Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • FinTech
  • Credit Risk Analytics
  • Retail
  • Digital Transformation
Online Learning Platform

Learn anywhere, anytime

Track your learning journey
Watch lecture recordings, work on challenges, ask for TA help, and get resume and job support. The learning portal allows you to track your entire learning journey with ease.
Sharpen your coding skills
Leverage our online coding tool to test your knowledge, identify your weaknesses, and improve your Python and SQL coding skills. The LeetCode style live coding challenges will help you get prepared for technical job interviews.
Get your career support
Set job search objectives and track your journey. Receive resume support from your mentors and book one-on-one mock interviews. Get access to our internal job board and get referred to our hiring partners.​
Career Services

Get the help you need to launch your next career

6-month career support after graduation
One-on-one counseling to set your career goal, assist your job search, and track your progress
Building up your industry network through guest seminars, hiring panel discussions, hiring partner demo workshop
Portfolio & resume revision
Building a resume and professional data portfolio to demonstrate your skills and robust professional experience Professional profile pictures shooting by commercial photographer, and polish your online professional brand with blogs and LinkedIn
Interview prep
Professional communication coaching to prepare for your behavioral interviews One-on-one mock interviews on take home assignments, whiteboarding and technical challenges to set you apart in technical interviews.
Meet our mentors
Carol Ye
Data Scientist, Bell Canada
Priya Panwar
Director- Behavioural & Marketing Analytics at GTB
Jammy He
Business Consultant / Senior Business Analyst
Jason Yu
Senior Manager, Marketing Science @ RBC
Pankaj Gurbani
Data Scientist, Labatt Breweries of Canada
student stories

Success Stories

I learned about WeCloudData through a friend who took the Data Analytics Bootcamp and spoke highly of it. Because the contents are analytical and technical in nature, I decided to give it a try. It turns out to be a wonderful choice. The projects we completed in the bootcamp helped tremendously in my interviews. My previous work experience had few applicable stories, but I was able to leverage the projects I did at WeCloudData as examples to show the employer that I have used these skills in a real-world-like environment, I do have the skills and I am the right fit.
Christine Song
Data Analytics Bootcamp, 2021
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Step 3

Reserve the Spot &
Sign the Contract

Our admissions officer will work with you directly to help you fill out a contract, pay a $500 deposit and assist you in applying for any kind of grants and finance options.
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Start your
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Starting ahead will gain you more experience and competence. Research shows that preview and preparation account for 73.7% success in academic achievement of university students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WeCloudData is the only bootcamp and accredited career college that focuses on the data field in Canada. We offer five distinctive programs - Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Computing to prepare you for your dream career. The programs are instructor-led and project-based. You will learn advanced data techniques at a fraction of the cost from other institutes.
Our programs cover the most up-to-date skills that are required by employers across Canada. In addition to offering personal training, we also work with a wide range of well-known data-driven companies in North America to help them up-skill their employees for cutting-edge technologies. That being said, we know what qualifications employers are looking for in future candidates.
Yes, the nature of our training is hands-on. Students work on end-to-end projects and business use cases to build an amazing portfolio!
Every live-online lecture is recorded so you can watch them anytime. You can always book a one-on-one meeting with our TA’s to help you catch up with the session you missed.
WeCloudData is registered as a private career college under the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities with the operating name of “Toronto Institute of Data Science and Technology”. As an Ontario registered private career college, you can apply for a student line of credit from BMO with a lower interest rate. We also work with PayBright ( to offer payment options through installments.

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