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Bootcamp Programs

Launch your career in Data and AI through our bootcamp programs

  • Industry-leading curriculum
  • Real portfolio/industry projects
  • Career support program
  • Both Full-time & Part-time options.
Data Science & Big Data

Become a modern data engineer by learning cloud, Airflow, Spark, Data lake/warehouse, NoSQL, and real-time data pipelines

Become a data analyst through building hands-on data/business use cases

Become an AI/ML engineer by getting specialized in deep learning, computer vision, NLP, and MLOps

Become a DevOps Engineer by learning AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, IaaS, IaC (Terraform), and CI/CD

Short Courses

Improve your data & AI skills through self-paced and instructor-led courses

  • Industry-leading curriculum
  • Portfolio projects
  • Part-time flexible schedule




Portfolio Courses

Learn to build impressive data/AI portfolio projects that get you hired

  • Portfolio project workshops
  • Work on real industry data & AI project
  • Job readiness assessment
  • Career support & job referrals

Build data strategies and solve ML challenges for real clients

Help real clients build BI dashboard and tell data stories

Build end to end data pipelines in the cloud for real clients

Corporate Partners

We’ve partnered with many companies on corporate upskilling, branding events, talent acquisition, as well as consulting services.

AI/Data Transformations with our customized and proven curriculum

Do you need expert help on data strategies and project implementations? 

Hire Data, AI, and Engineering talents from WeCloudData

Our Students

Meet our amazing alumni working in the Data industry

Read our students’ stories on how WeCloudData have transformed their career


Check out our events and blog posts to learn and connect with like-minded professionals working in the industry

Let’s get together and enjoy the fun from treasure hunting in massive real-world datasets

Read blogs and updates from our community and alumni

Explore different Data Science career paths and how to get started

The leading data and AI training academy
Unleash your potential in data and AI


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The most effective Data & AI programs for career transformation
Expert Instructors and Mentors

Learn from passionate instructors who are domain experts that can teach you skills that matter in real jobs

Industry-grade Hands-on Projects

Differentiate yourself in the job market by building project portfolios and working on real consulting projects

Career support

Receive career support from our expert industry mentors to help you succeed in career change and growth










Launch your career

Following a proper learning path keeps you focused and saves you from unnecessary detours.

Developed by industry experts, hiring managers, and highly recognized by our hiring partners, WeCloudData’s learning paths have helped many students make successful transitions into data roles that fit their background and passion.

Unsure which career path or program to take?

World-class learning platform

Self-paced learning guided and powered by our unique learning management system where you can watch lectures, work on your code, test your progress with live quizzes, track your learning journey, and communicate with instructors and TA’s.

Choose a program that suits your needs

Whether you are a busy professional or a full-time job seeker, prefer online instructor-led learning or classroom-based training, WeCloudData has the right option for you.

WeCloudData’s program covers more material than any other bootcamp. The curriculum is created with professional development in mind, while at the same time being up-to-date with all the latest frameworks in the industry.

– Azzouz Omar Zayen –
2020 Spring Cohort

student success stories

Stories from our top students


Top data communities in the world

Let’s get together and enjoy the fun of treasure hunting in massive real-world datasets. WeCloudData offers free Data Science, Data Engineering, and Machine Learning workshops delivered by experienced data scientists from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Equifax, BMO, RBC, Scotiabank, TD, TigerGraph and Databricks to help you jump start on interesting and meaningful projects. Happy big data mining!


enterprise learning program

Corporate Training

Want to upskill/reskill your teams? WeCloudData can help you build customized data and AI learning curriculums that fit your digital transformation roadmap. We have helped many large enterprises upskill their existing data teams. Contact us today to inquire about our corporate training program.

Our Partners

Talent PartnerSHIP Program

Talent Partnership & Campus Recruiting Program

Partner with WeCloudData to hire some of the most skilled and motivated tech talents in data science, data engineering, AI, cloud computing, and DevOps. Access our expert-vetted talent pool, get free candidate referrals, and join our junior talent training program.


WeCloudData is the leading data science and AI academy. Our blended learning courses have helped thousands of learners and many enterprises make successful leaps in their data journeys.

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