Full-Time Lead Data Science Teaching Assistant

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About the Role

Posted: Jul 14, 2022

As a full-time Lead Data Science Teaching Assistant (TA) at WeCloudData, you will be responsible for assisting the instructors in teaching the data science curriculum and course administration. 

Employment Terms

  • Type: Permanent Full-Time
  • Work hours: 40 hours per week


  • Leading and facilitating discussions during lectures and office hours
  • Delivering labs on a variety of data science concepts and tools
  • Working with students in an individual & group setting to provide in-class and project support
  • Helping students understand data science concepts and debug code through a collaborative approach
  • Making announcements regarding schedule and assessments
  • Grading projects and assessments
  • Managing grading feedback
  • Monitoring student progress and reporting to the program manager
  • Encouraging an inclusive and positive learning environment


  • Experience in a teaching or mentorship role
  • Has demonstrated hands-on experience in data science (E.g. Through projects, work experience, etc.)
  • Strong proficiency in SQL, Python (Pandas, NumPy, web scraping), and visualization packages (matplotlib/seaborn/plotly)
  • Practical knowledge of data science tools such as Jupyter Notebook, DataGrip, Tableau, Scikit-learn, NLTK, TensorFlow, Apache Spark, Hadoop, SQLAlchemy, BeautifulSoup/Selenium
  • Experience using regression and classification techniques (linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, random forest, SVM, KNN, etc.) 
  • Ability to break down complex ideas into layman’s terms 
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills

About WeCloudData

WeCloudData is a leading data and AI training academy that focuses on providing the best quality training to students and corporate clients. Since 2015, we’ve grown to include more services to help train our students to meet the demands of the job market such as our consulting projects with clients and career mentorship. We’ve proudly helped many students land jobs in Data & AI with our top-notch curriculum, hands-on teaching style, and excellent career mentorship. By working with some of the most talented and passionate instructors, WeCloudData prepares our students and clients for the next generation of data science challenges.


Please submit your resume to sonia.chhay@weclouddata.com and cc career@weclouddata.com.

NOTE: Only applicants under consideration will be contacted. We appreciate your time taken for applying. 

Full-Time Lead Data Science Teaching Assistant

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