Business Intelligence

A successful data team is composed of various roles, including data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers. Each role is critical to the team and requires a unique set of skills. Join WeCloudData to learn relevant data skills and make the switch to your dream data career.

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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is the process of collecting, storing and analyzing data from business operations. BI provides comprehensive business metrics, in near-real time, to support better decision making. The distinctions between BI, data analytics, and business analytics are subtle, and to make things more confusing, these terms are often used interchangeably.

When you are learning BI & DA skills, you should not be distinguishing them anyways. Instead, you should be focusing on learning the right tools to apply to different use cases in order to prepare yourself for a wide range of analytics jobs.

Data analytics is more of an art than science.

Part of the job may be automated by ever-evolving tools, but a data analyst is the visual storyteller that puts the final touches to help business make better decisions.

-Eric Liu, CEO, weCareer.-

Analytical self service tool without data literacy is like going to a war with cutting edge weapons but not knowing where and how to hit your enemy


Common skill sets


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Business Use Cases

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What do BI/Data Analysts do?
While data analytics are universal skills, data analysts and BI analysts usually work in specific business domains such as digital marketing, risk management, retail analytics, product analytics, etc. Thus, understanding different use cases is important. Below is a list of general tasks BI/DA specialists work on:
  • Work with the business to define key reporting metrics
  • Identify data sources and understand data structures
  • Extract data from databases using SQL queries
  • Clean and prepare data for analysis using Python or SQL
  • Explore and visualize data using Python
  • Identify trends in the data and summarize key insights
  • Present findings to the business teams and make analytics suggestions
  • Publish dashboards using BI tools like Tableau or PowerBI
  • Perform ad-hoc analytics and reporting to help business answer the “what” and “why”
  • Use stats packages to create business forecasts or build predictive models to determine the next best set of actions
Who should consider data analytics?

Knowing all the functionalities of Tableau doesn’t make one a great visual storyteller. Data analytics requires strong attention to detail, a focus on key metrics, and the willingness to communicate. It is a discipline that is relatively easy to grasp but may take years to get good at. The good news is that it is suitable for career switchers from any background.

How much do data analysts earn?

Salaries for BI/Data Analyst roles vary by responsibilities and industries. In general, you can expect to be paid between $60k-$80k in Canada and $70k-$90 in the U.S. Moreover, Senior Data Analysts may be paid over $100k.

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