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Partner with WeCloudData to hire some of the most skilled and motivated tech talents in data science, data engineering, AI, cloud computing, and DevOps. Access our expert-vetted talent pool, get free candidate referrals, and join our junior talent training program.


Why hire WeCloudData students?

Our students are trained by industry experts on modern analytics and data skills. They have the technical skills most managers are looking for.


Unlike traditional university graduates and self-learners, our students have worked on capstone projects and some have done real client projects.


Talents we refer to our hiring partners are heavily vetted by industry experts and mentors. We've tested their coding and project skills rigorously.

Our alumni are working at


Hire the best junior talents

40% of WeCloudData’s students are university/college new grads who choose to learn job skills with us. Compared to average new grads, our students are highly skilled in modern data skills and are able to hit the ground running. Specifically, you will be working with candidates who:

  • Knows cutting-edge technologies such as AWS Cloud, Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Big Data, Spark, MLOps, DevOps
  • Have worked on hands-on projects that have complex scopes
  • Have a strong curiosity about new technologies and their business applications
  • Have solid problem-solving skills and require less handholding
  • Most importantly are committed to success
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Junior Talent Hiring


Hire experienced candidates who are vetted by our experts

WeCloudData is dedicated to training our students to the highest standards. That’s why we’re so invested in delivering practical curriculum and building technologies to evaluate and assess our students’ skills in the most effective ways. 

Want to hire experienced students who have re-skilled/up-skilled themselves to better meet the job market requirements? Our students come from various backgrounds and they get hired quickly! Some of our experienced students come from: software development, IT, product management, project management, etc. They are highly skilled and prepared to make a bigger impact in your organization. 


Let WeCloudData train your new hires and save your seniors time!

If you hire a lot of junior talents and find your senior talents always overwhelmed with knowledge transfer and mentorship, or don’t have the right expertise to train your new hires, WeCloudData offers corporate training services. We can help you develop internal training catalogues and scale your talent up-skilling. 

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Join our Talent Network

Thanks for your interest in our Talent Network. We’re happy to chat about your hiring needs. Please fill out the inquiry form and our Talent Partner program advisor will get back to you soon!

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