Key Performance Indicators

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One of our proudest achievements is our unparalleled employment rate. Graduating from WeCloudData means stepping into a world of opportunities. Our rigorous training and personalized career support ensure that you’re not just job-ready, but also highly sought after by top employers. The success stories of our alumni working at leading companies in the data field stand as a testament to the quality of education you can expect here.


graduation rate


employment rate


employment in data fields


employer satisfaction

This dataset contains information about the results of KPI reporting in the private career colleges sector. The KPIs in question include:

  • graduation rate
  • graduate employment rate
  • graduate employment rate in the field of study
  • graduate satisfaction rate
  • employer satisfaction rate
  • Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) default rate

For more in-depth information on our KPIs and performance, please refer to the details available at Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities 

 Your success is our priority, and these KPIs are a testament to our commitment to your data education journey.