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Data science is a multidisciplinary approach to discover patterns in data and deliver data-driven insights through a fusion of coding, machine learning, domain expertise, and product design. It usually requires different talents such as data scientists, engineers, analysts, as well as product managers working as a team to build innovative data products. Want to become a data scientist? Read on to learn more about the role of a data scientist and how WeCloudData can help you become a data scientist.

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Cloud Computing

Data Scientist is the No. 1 most promising job for 2020. It comes as no surprise as Data Scientist topped Glassdoor’s list of Best Jobs for the past four years, with professionals in the field reporting high demand, high salaries, and high job satisfaction.

The Sexiest
Job of the
21st Century –
Data Scientist

-Havard Business Review-

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Common skill sets






Source: Glassdoor

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What do Data Scientists do?

Data scientists utilize their analytical, statistical, and programming skills to analyze, model, and interpret big data. They help business teams solve complex data challenges and product teams build data-driven products. They are usually involved in the following tasks:

  • Meet with business teams to understand the requirements
  • Clean and prepare data using pyhthon and SQL
  • Explore data using data visualization tools
  • Build and evaluate machine learning models 
  • Work with engineers to deploy and automate the models 
  • Join scrum meetings to update project status
  • Explain models to product or business managers 
Who can become a Data Scientist?

While some DS jobs may require advanced degrees, most DS jobs don’t require a PhD degree. We have worked with students from various backgrounds such as accounting, MBA, and civil engineering to land DS jobs. Your curiosity to learn, problem solving skills, and commitment to the career transformation, and job support are the key success factors. (Read our alumni stories)

How much do Data Scientists earn?

Data scientists are well compensated! Base salary and total package may vary a lot depending on the responsibilities. As a junior DS, you’d expect to be paid $70k-$90k in Canada and $90k-$120k in the U.S. Some Sr. Data Scientists may get paid well over $200k. 

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Cloud Computing Courses

Accredited Program

It is a 3-6 month immersive learning program designed for those who want to learn data data tics, data science, and data engineering skills fast, gain real industry experience, and get a job in the Data & AI industry in a relatively shorter time frame.

Short Courses

Short-term online live courses that focus on specific data skills. Learn in-demand data analytics, data science, data engineering, or AI skills with industry experts in evening, or weekends.

Portfolio Course

Build your own unique data projects with helps from one-on-one tutoring

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