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Toronto Institute of Data Science and Technology, WeCloudData, Launches New Data Engineering Diploma Program

January 26, 2021
It has FINALLY arrived! Our long awaited Data Engineering diploma program has launched at last. As the leading institute for data science and technology, WeCloudData, is excited to announce the official start of our first Data Engineering diploma program to be on February 17th, 2021!

Focusing on guiding students through gaining the required skills and experience needed to become a competitive data engineer in the current job market, the WeCloudData Data Engineering Diploma program trains students in the field over a course of 24 weeks, and teaches them skills such as big data, cloud computing, data warehousing etc.

What separates our program from those of other Data Engineering programs in the country, is that our students gain hands-on experience with tools such as DataOps, and more importantly, they conclude the program with a capstone project, giving them the chance to work on real world projects with clients, preparing them for the job market by offering them invaluable work experience.

To learn more about our upcoming and new Data Engineering diploma program, check out the link below and sign up for our program, so you too can start your journey towards becoming a data engineer in 2021!

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