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Launch your career in Data and AI through our bootcamp programs

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  • Both Full-time & Part-time options.
Data Science & Big Data
Data Engineering

Become a data analyst through building hands-on data/business use cases

Become an AI/ML engineer by getting specialized in deep learning, computer vision, NLP, and MLOps

Become a DevOps Engineer by learning AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, IaaS, IaC (Terraform), and CI/CD

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Improve your data & AI skills through self-paced and instructor-led courses

  • Industry-leading curriculum
  • Portfolio projects
  • Part-time flexible schedule
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Learn to build impressive data/AI portfolio projects that get you hired

  • Portfolio project workshops
  • Work on real industry data & AI project
  • Job readiness assessment
  • Career support & job referrals

Build data strategies and solve ML challenges for real clients

Help real clients build BI dashboard and tell data stories

Build end to end data pipelines in the cloud for real clients


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Our Students

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Data Science

Data Science Bootcamp (Full-Time)

Applied Data Science & Big Data

While students in their Master’s programs are just finishing their first year, WeCloudData’s Data Science Bootcamp graduates are already a few months into their first data scientist job with a median salary of $83,000.

Our Data Science Bootcamp is a great alternative to University programs. It teaches you the most essential skills required for landing a job and gives you opportunities to build up your project portfolio. Most importantly, WeCloudData sets itself apart by offering real client projects and the best post-graduation job support.

Read on to learn why you should stop looking and get enrolled in the best career-driven data science program.

WeCloudData Best Data Science Bootcamp - Switchup
At a Glance
What you will learn

You will learn essential data science skills in the classroom, practice what you learn on real projects, gain critical experience, and learn from your industry mentors during the job search phase.

Project-based Learning
3 academic + 2 portfolio
One-on-one Support
4 students : 1 teacher
Real Client Project
Build real experience
Career Support
Through every stage of your job search


Online Live

3.5 months

Applied Data Science

About the Program

The Applied Data Science & Big Data Diploma Program was created to help university/college graduates and career switchers break into data science. The learning package includes 3.5 months of immersive learning, 3 additional months of portfolio building support, as well as 6 months of job support after graduation. If you want to switch jobs in a relatively shorter timeframe, this program will be your best investment. Currently, it is available in online mode. (A part-time program is also available for work professionals who can only commit their evening and weekend time)

  • Learn in-demand skills to become a Data Scientist
  • Build strong data science project portfolios
  • Gain real experience through client projects
  • Receive support through every stage of your job search
placement rate
student satisfaction
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Our alumni are working at

What you will learn

Having a solid foundation in programming is a must-have for data scientists. Through pre-bootcamp learning, most students will build some fundamental knowledge of SQL and Python programming. During the bootcamp, students will learn how to apply SQL and Python to solve data problems. At the end of the bootcamp, you will become an intermediate-level SQL & Python coder. Through our "Cracking the Coding Interview" practice, you will be able to comfortably pass data science interview coding challenges.
  • Become a SQL master and be familiar with RDBMS and NoSQL Technologies
  • Have hands-on knowledge of advanced SQL features such as indexing, views, and window functions
  • Become a proficient Python coder and go beyond Jupyter Notebooks
  • Master data munging and data preparation skills with Pandas DataFrame and SQL
  • Become skilled at data exploration using Python packages such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, Folium, Plotly, and build dashboards like a pro
This program is NOT like any other bootcamps out there that cover a bunch of packages and help you build a portfolio. We strongly believe that problem-solving skills are most essential for a successful career in data science. Therefore, we've designed a very unique approach to teach learners how to solve tough problems and become independent thinkers.
  • Learn how to ask the right questions through interacting with the faculty and consulting clients
  • Become confident in saying "I don't know the answer, but I know how to Google"
  • Become a Google/Stackoverflow pro. Know the most relevant keywords to use for problem solving
  • Learn how to do literature research and find references for advanced topics
  • Develop skills in how to approach new projects and problems
  • Become a better team player through group assignments, projects, and client projects
Having a strong data sense is what sets a senior data scientist apart from the juniors. Learning data science is not just about the tools. It is important that your teachers and mentors spend effort on cultivating your sense of data. It means you can easily spot the issues in data, understand how to translate business problems into a series of data actions, know when to ask the right questions, and know when your model results are not reliable.
  • Understand the full lifecycle of data science
  • Accumulate experience in dealing with unclean and dirty data
  • Know how to break down business requirements and turn them into data analytics tasks
Math can be scary for many learners. Here's what you need to know when it comes to learning math for data science. First of all, if your goal is to find a job in 6-12 months, then learning just enough math is the correct mindset. You need to know how to balance your time between learning math theories and practicing data science through math and ML packages. Job searching requires effort in many areas and once you get your foot in the door, continuous learning is required to keep advancing your knowledge of math and machine learning.
  • Acquire just the right amount of calculus, linear algebra, and statistics knowledge for machine learning
  • Know how sampling and distribution work and apply them for data preprocessing
  • Know how statistical significance testing work and apply it for A/B testing or survey analysis
  • Know the basics of linear algebra and matrix operations and use NumPy and SciPy comfortably
  • Know how principal component analysis works and apply it for dimension reduction
A data scientist will spend 20%-30% of the time on building machine learning models. Mastering the common data processing and ML modeling packages is imperative. While you don't need to know every ML library out there, knowing a few of them really well can make you very efficient.
  • Become skilled in data manipulation and feature engineering using Python, Pandas, and NumPy
  • Be familiar with feature preprocessing steps such as missing value imputation, binning, categorical encoding, feature selection using Pandas and Scikit-learn
  • Know how to train ML models using Sklearn, Keras, and Tensorflow
  • Know how to do hyper-parameter tuning using tools like Sklearn and Hyperopt
  • Know how to interpret ML models using LIME and SHAP
  • Know how to handle imbalanced datasets with over/under-sampling techniques
  • Most importantly, know how to apply the right ML algorithms for specific projects
At WeCloudData, we are proud to always bring expert knowledge and experience to the classroom experience. Each cohort will have multiple industry guest lectures on various topics.
  • Understand how A/B testing work in practice
  • Know how big data projects move from inception to completion
  • Understand data science use cases in retail banking and risk management
  • Master the concept of feature selection and feature engineering in practice
  • Learn how to do visual analytics and be persuasive with visual storytelling
3 months may seem long but you'll feel that's not enough time to learn all things data science. That's why ordinary bootcamps cover concepts at a relatively shallow level and programs seem rushed. WeCloudData's program is 2 weeks longer so we can cover big data and cloud computing in more depth. Apart from the 14-week program, students will also have access to our weekend-based big data course FOR FREE and learn to build separate big data portfolio projects.
  • Know the basics of cloud computing (Iaas, PaaS, SaaS, Storage, Compute, Security)
  • Become familiar with managing storage and compute with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Gain hands-on experience with setting up an EMR cluster in AWS and running Spark jobs
  • Build in-depth knowledge of distributed computing paradigm and the Apache Spark framework
  • Become skilled in PySpark and the DataFrames API to munge massive datasets
  • Gain experience in working with large datasets (billions of rows)
  • Know how to train Machine Learning models at scale using Spark ML
  • Know how to build end-to-end ML pipelines using AWS SageMaker
  • Know the basics of docker containers
  • Experience working with NoSQL databases such as Elasticsearch
Working on real projects helps candidates build relevant industry experience. It will be a key advantage during the job search. The benefit of real project work goes beyond that. It helps you build confidence, guarantees a smoother transition, and makes you more productive in the first few months of your first data science job.
  • Learn how to communicate with clients and collect business requirements
  • Know how real-life data science projects are scoped, planning, and executed
  • Practice project management skills and learn how to collaborate in a team through scrum
  • Improve your business communication and presentation skills
  • Practice the skills needed for real jobs, build up your experience, and set yourself apart from other candidates


Watch our recorded webinar and learn more about data career and industry insights.
Why WeCloudData?
Introduction to Data Science Bootcamp
Alumni Stories: Finding Job Success in Data Science
Finding Job Success Through Real Client Projects
Introduction to Data Science
Meet Your Instructor: Data Science with Python [Workshop]
Learning Experience: Real Project
Learning Experience: Student Journey
Data Science Job Market

Instructors & Guest Speakers

past guest speakers
Learn from the experts working in Data Science
Alina Rivilis
AVP, Data Science & Big Data @IGM
Ali Tozan
Data Science Manager | Data Scientist Lead | Instructor (WeCloudData)
Ashraf Ghonaim
Strategic Management and Analytics Consultant | Microsoft MVP
Ken Ding
Senior Manager, Credit Risk Modeling - Decision Science, BMO Financial Group | Data Science Instructor | Career Mentor
Omar Nada
Senior Manager, Data Scientist @RBC | Cybersecurity & Recommender Systems Expert


Build real project experience to differentiate
The data & AI job market is extremely competitive. It’s hard to stand out and get noticed without relevant background and experience. WeCloudData has gone the extra mile to bring real-life projects into the classroom. Our Part-Time Data Science Bootcamp students will work on real business scenario-based projects and the Full-Time Data Science Bootcamp students will get opportunities to work on real client projects.
Past Clients
Experience you will gain
  • Work with Founders, CTOs, Product Managers as well as project managers to nail down business/product requirements
  • Learn how to scope out data projects, build data architecture, and map out process diagrams
  • Work on data science project from inception to completion
  • Work in an agile project management environment and learn how to break down tasks using Scrum
  • Practice business presentation skills and become better at communicating machine learning output
  • Accumulate the real-world experience you need to stay competitive in the job market
WeCloudData big data course project real-time pipeline architecture
Online Learning Platform

Learn anywhere, anytime

Track your learning journey
Watch lecture recordings, work on challenges, ask for TA help, and get resume and job support. The learning portal allows you to track your entire learning journey with ease.
Sharpen your coding skills
Leverage our online coding tool to test your knowledge, identify your weaknesses, and improve your Python and SQL coding skills. The LeetCode style live coding challenges will help you get prepared for technical job interviews.
Get your career support
Set job search objectives and track your journey. Receive resume support from your mentors and book one-on-one mock interviews. Get access to our internal job board and get referred to our hiring partners.​
Career Services

1-1 career mentoring by real data experts

6-month mentorship after graduation
Receive one-on-one (1-1) counseling to set your career goals, assist your job search, and track your progress.
Build up your industry network through guest seminars, hiring panel discussions, and hiring partner demo workshops.
Portfolio & resume revision
Build a resume and professional data portfolio to demonstrate your skills and robust professional experience. Get professional profile pictures shot by a commercial photographer, and polish your online professional brand with blogs and LinkedIn.
Interview preparation
Prepare for your behavioural interviews through professional communication coaching. Set yourself apart in technical interviews by doing one-on-one mock interviews, take-home assignments, whiteboarding, and technical challenges.
Meet our mentors
Ryan Kang
Director, Machine Learning Product Engineering, RBC
Carol Ye
Data Scientist, Bell Canada
Sameer Sharma
Senior Vice President, Senior Data Scientist, Bank of America
Priya Panwar
Director- Behavioural & Marketing Analytics at GTB
Vanessa Feng
Software Engineer, Machine Learning @ Meta
student stories

Success Stories

I really appreciated how WeCloudData went what of their way in little things that can make a big difference such as: head shots, resume reviews, interviews preps, strategy in job hunting, etc. All the team did an excellent job of covering all topics and encompassing everything that comes with either career change or building up your current career in particular, Shaohua has helped me in every step of my recruitment process.
Azzouz Omar Zayen
Data Science Bootcamp, 2020
Yining Zhuang

Data Scientist @ Purolator Inc.

Manny Brar

Data Engineer @ The Green Organic Dutchman

Farius Tjioesman

Senior Data Engineer @ JLL

Eric Li

AI Implementation Engineer @ OfferFit

Schedule, Tuition & Financing Options

Looking for special discount?

Admission Process

Step 1

Book a
Counseling Meeting

Our program advisor will have a one-on-one meeting with you to see if the program is a good fit. There is no application fee. It takes about 30 minutes.
Step 2

Pass the

There will be a technical test and an interview. Applicants spend up to 2 hours on the challenge.
Step 3

Reserve the Spot &
Sign the Contract

Our admissions officer will work with you directly to help you fill out a contract, pay a $500 deposit and assist you in applying for any kind of grants and finance options.
Step 4

Start your
Pre-bootcamp Learning

Starting ahead will gain you more experience and competence. Research shows that preview and preparation account for 73.7% success in academic achievement of university students.

Speak to our advisor

Our Program Advisor can answer all your questions and help you pick a program that best suits your need. You can leave your information and we will contact you.

You can also contact us at or (647) 588-4206

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Frequently Asked Questions

WeCloudData is the only bootcamp and accredited career college that focuses on the data field in Canada. We offer five distinctive programs - Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Computing to prepare you for your dream career. The programs are instructor-led and project-based. You will learn advanced data techniques at a fraction of the cost from other institutes.

- Relevant to industry: Our programs cover the most up-to-date skills that are required by employers across Canada. In addition to offering personal training, we also work with a wide range of well-known data-driven companies in North America to help them up-skill their employees for cutting-edge technologies. That being said, we know what qualifications employers are looking for in future candidates.

- Focus on practice: Our course design committee is comprised of data scientists from a range of organizations such as BMO, RBC, Dessa, Google, and Amazon which ensure real-world projects are built into each course curriculum. Our programs are rigorous and students will be expected to complete the assignments and projects to meet the course completion requirements.

- Service is our success: We understand the challenges of career transformation, and we're committed to helping each and every student gain the knowledge, skills, and experience that will help them launch a successful career. You can communicate with the instructors and TA's regularly through our online platform and communication app. We are here to ensure your positive outcome and many accomplishments from our programs.
Yes, currently WeCloudData is offering live-online hands-on training (instructor-led) to allow students from all around the world to learn the most demanding data skills, experience working on real-industry projects, and land their first dx job in a shorter time frame.
Every live-online lecture is recorded so you can watch them anytime. You can always book a one-on-one meeting with our TA’s to help you catch up with the session you missed.
Yes, WeCloudData is the only Training Institute that offers real-industry projects. Throughout the training program, students have the opportunity to work directly with Fortune 500 companies and other various startups.
WeCloudData is registered as a private career college under the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities with the operating name of “Toronto Institute of Data Science and Technology”. As an Ontario registered private career college, you can apply for a student line of credit from BMO with a lower interest rate. We also work with PayBright ( to offer payment options through installments.

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