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Join WeCloudData to complete a DevOps mini project!

In this three-part mini course series you will learn:

  • How to work with cloud infrastructures like AWS VPC and EC2 instances with Terraform
  • How to install and configure Git, Python and Docker in EC2 instances with Ansible
  • How to create and automate CI/CD pipelines to deploy applications to EC2 instances connected to GitHub repositories and branches triggered by GitHub actions

We will spend the three classes together to complete this mini project. In each mini course, we will introduce DevOps tools, go through live demos and apply DevOps techniques to achieve meaningful objectives.

You can join the mini course with this Zoom meeting link:

Please make sure to leave time before the start of the workshop for registration*


DevOps Mini-Project Description – Part 3: CI/CD with Github Actions

  • CI/CD – or continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment – is a method that enables automation in the software development life cycle.
  • For example, steps in the phases of application build, test and deployment can be codified and automated with CI/CD tools.
  • GitHub Actions is a CI/CD platform integrated with the GitHub source code version control system. Hence, teams with code bases that are already hosted on the GitHub platform can leverage the powerful GitHub Actions CI/CD toolings and start applying DevOps techniques to their application development workflows quickly.
  • This mini course will walk through the application of GitHub Actions CI/CD across the four stages of software development: development, testing, build, and deployment.

Learn More:

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Speaker: Nhat Tran & Dawei Zhang

Nhat Tran:

Nhat is a Data Engineer with WeCloudData, helping design and build data products & services that deliver value to the business and customers. He is also the acting DevOps program manager working closely with the teaching staff to design and deliver the best DevOps learning experience to students.

Dawei Zhang:

Dawei is a DevOps Engineer and Teaching Assistant at WeCloudData, who is responsible for building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines, automating infrastructure and helping students with labs. He is passionate about helping people understand DevOps techniques through his easily digestible materials.

Sponsorship: Manning Publications

This event is sponsored by Manning Publications. Visit and use code “weclouddata39” to receive a 39% discount on your next purchase. This discount code is eligible for all books and items sitewide.

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6:30 pm -
 8:30 pm
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