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Are you ready for the future of data science and artificial intelligence? We are. And we’re here to help.

Data Science

In the Data Science program, students learn the concepts, master the necessary tools and hone the skills required in a real-world work environment. The courses teach students about data acquisition and cleaning, data exploration and visualization, and model creation and validation with practical projects and use cases.

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Data Engineering

With a focus on the foundational knowledge of big data and its ecosystem, the Data Engineering program teaches students to use ingestion and egestion tools to create a big data workflow. It gives them hands-on experience to build an end-to-end real-time analytics big data application, which they confidently add to their project portfolio.

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Business Analytics

Through the Business Analytics program led by the industry’s experts, students learn fundamental tools to solve different business problems such as campaign analysis, database marketing, fraud prevention, and risk analysis.

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Vaughn Saunders

Techinical Recruiter

Vaughn is a technical recruiter for one of the leading technology staffing and service company in North America. By working with recruiters like Vaughn, WeCloudData is able to update its curriculum according to the skill sets that are required in the industry, and provide its alumni with first-hand job opportunities.

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Ella Chen

Data Scientist, TD

Ella is an alumni of WeCloudData’s Big Data Foundation course, who is currently working as a data scientist at TD Canada. As a new grad from the University of Waterloo with an Honours BSc. in Statistics, Ella strived to gain a deeper understanding in data science and more exposure to the big data environment and machine learning applications. Take a look at what she says about our course.

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Arthur Papian Gorji

M.B.A Candidate, University of Toronto

Arthur is one of our previous students from the Big Data ETL course. Over the past 7 years, he worked as an engineer in systems where he analyzed, designed, and tested software solutions from applications in central control rooms in transit systems to mobile apps. Passionate about increasing organizations’ customer value proposition through business strategy and data analytics, he aspired to solve problems through innovative solutions. Here’s what he has to say about the course that made him achieve that goal.

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Upcoming Events

We host free meetups, where we invite data scientists and data engineers from various fields to share their insights, experiences, and use cases from the projects on which they have worked.

28 Feb

Python for Data Science Info Session – The Why, What & How

Wednesday 06:30 - 09:30
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Python is hot! Youtube, Dropbox, Quora, Eventbrite and many other famous Internet companies are built on python. Data Scientists and Analysts love to use python for data analysis and machine…

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22 Feb

Open Class – Big Data, Getting Started with Apache Spark on AWS

Thursday 06:30 - 09:00
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Most people who are just getting started with big data will feel overwhelmed due to the sheer number of tools one needs to learn. Luckily, with our experienced instructor and…

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Check out what the WeCloudData alumni say about our instructors and courses!


Our experienced instructors not only work in data-driven organizations but also are passionate teachers who deliver their real-world knowledge in the most practical way!

Shaohua Zhang

Co-Founder & Chief Instructor

Bin Jiang

Principal Big Data Engineer

Sam Lam

Founder, SASCrunch

Leotis Buchanan

Machine Learning Engineer

Faraz Rasheed

Instructor & Manager, Big Data Analytics, TD

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