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Nikki Mihalovics

Junior Business Analyst @ Eurofins
Applied Business Intelligence Certificate, 2021
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I did my Bachelors degree in biology at Dalhousie University. After school, during the pandemic, I started working as an administrative assistant. As there was no further career opportunity I started looking for new ways to better myself. This is how I came across WeCloudData´s data analytics course. Not long after receiving the certification, I landed a job as a junior business analyst. I currently work at Eurofins, a food testing company where we are trying to reduce manual work in laboratories by implementing IT programs. Luckily I get to use the knowledge I acquired at Dalhousie as well as WeCloudData. My plan for next year is to complete the data science course (through WeCloudData) and find a job in the field.

Why did you choose the field of data analytics/business intelligence?

I have always liked statistics and analyzing data. I wanted to see if it was something I am interested in.

Do you have any pivotal/memorable event to share from your life that lead to what you are doing now?

In school I liked creating pivot tables and working with excel. Funny how life turns out.

Would you share some previous worries related to your career that you would tell your past self not to be nervous about and face it head on?

Don´t stress about finding a job, it will come if not right away.

Any words of encouragement/advice for current and future students looking to enter the field of analytics?

It is a great field to get into. Every week holds a new challenge.

Position and company before coursePosition and company after courseHow long did it take you to find a job after graduating from WeCloudData?
Sales Administrator at Info-Tech Research GroupJunior Business Analyst at Eurofins1 month

Can you provide us with any insight into how the interview process was like?

The first interview was easy. They were basically interested in your personality. The second interview was a little more hands on. They made me create a pivot table and do a few xlookups. The last interview was with the IT director. He first wanted to see what I was like and then asked me to make a query in SQL.

What made you choose WeCloudData over other service providers? Was there something that stood out to you about our program that solidified your decision?

It was Canadian and they responded much faster than other providers I reached out to.

What did you find most enjoyable or interesting about WeCloudData while being a student? Was there any aspect of our course curriculum or teaching style that stood out to you?

I liked every instructor. They were all very kind and helpful. The material was organized and easy to follow.

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