WeCloudOpen: Introduction to SQL (Queries and Functions)

This is Part 2 of WeCloudOpen SQL Live Course. This course is designed to provide an overview of Structured Query Language (SQL) and how it is used to manage and manipulate data in databases. By the end of the courses, you will have a solid understanding of SQL and be able to write basic queries […]

Advice from WeCloudData Instructors

Our program design is based on BI / Data Analyst roles in various industries. Here’s the advice for anyone who wants to become a BI professional: take only role-based training – role-based, not skill-based. You can only learn a skill in the context of work and work environment. There is no other way. Plus role-based […]

Data Analyst Job Market

There is a severe shortage of BI talents – 1.5 million in the US alone. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for BI talents is expected to rise 14% by 2026. This beats projections for almost all other occupations. If you are looking for one big leap for a better career, BI […]

BI/Data analytics Job Search

There are several steps that individuals can take when searching for a job in the field of business intelligence (BI). Some tips for finding a BI job include: Build a strong resume and portfolio: It is important to have a strong resume and portfolio that showcases your skills and experience in BI. Your resume should […]

BI/Data Analytics Portfolio

A business intelligence (BI) portfolio is a collection of projects, case studies, and other materials that demonstrate an individual’s skills and experience in BI. A BI portfolio can be an important tool for job seekers in the field, as it allows them to showcase their abilities to potential employers and highlight the value they can […]

Data/BI Analytics Learning Options

From the plethora of courses that you can start your BI / Data analytics journey with, several options are available for individuals interested in learning about business intelligence and gaining the skills necessary to pursue a career in this field. Some options include: Bootcamps: Data analytics bootcamps are intensive, short-term training programs that are designed […]

Data Analyst Career Path

The career path for a BI / data analyst typically begins with a bachelor’s degree in a field such as computer science, statistics, mathematics, or information technology. Many BI analysts also have a master’s degree in a related field, such as business intelligence or data analytics. The career path can vary depending on factors such […]

What Do Data/BI Analysts Do

Business Intelligence Roles and Responsibilities The job role of business intelligence or data analysts can be both rewarding and challenging. They are responsible for using data and analysis to inform business decision making. BI analysts work with large data sets to identify trends, spot opportunities, measure performance, optimize business operations, and they often use data […]

BI trends in the industry

Historical business intelligence trends show that it is a rapidly growing field that is changing the way businesses operate across all industries. Global BI spending is expected to reach $39.35 billion by 2027 due to the increasing need for real-time decision-making and the high adoption of open source cloud platforms. BI as a Service (BIaaS) […]

What is Business Intelligence

What is Data analytics / Business Intelligence? Search the keywords “Business Intelligence” (BI) or “Data analytics” during your job search and you will be overwhelmed by the roles that are available in the market. You may have just begun considering your career transition or have been actively researching the role for a while but often, […]

Data/BI Analyst

BI is changing the way we do businesses worldwide across all industries including retail & e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing, telecom, education, gaming, health care, banking, insurance. Global BI spending is forecasted to reach USD 39.35 billion by 2027, driven by the increasing need for real-time decision-making and high adoption of open source cloud platforms. BI […]

Lynn Zhang

Tell us a bit about yourself I started in the quality assurance field in IT , had background in SQL, Java languages, different experience in tech , retail and government sectors Why did you choose the field of data analytics/business intelligence? It was a trending industry and seemed to be very interesting and exciting, completely […]

Nikki Mihalovics

Tell us a bit about yourself I did my Bachelors degree in biology at Dalhousie University. After school, during the pandemic, I started working as an administrative assistant. As there was no further career opportunity I started looking for new ways to better myself. This is how I came across WeCloudData´s data analytics course. Not […]

Harold Castillo

Tell us a bit about yourself I have a degree on Geophysical Engineering from Universidad Central de Venezuela and I worked in the Oil and Gas industry for 10 years. After transitioning out of the industry I pursued several businesses and investments that provided me with many lessons of the real world and made me […]

Chloe Dai

Tell us a bit about yourself I have a Bachelor’s degree of Arts majoring in Economics and Geography, and a Master’s degree in Planning. However, I partnered with my friends to start an event company after I graduated. I had great experience in Entertainment Industry, where I had my understanding of the business cycle and […]

Nathan Ling

How did you hear about WeCloudData? I saw a post (https://weclouddata.com/erics-career-switch-journey-from-civil-to-data/) by Eric Li where he talked about his personal experiences and getting work experience while being a bootcamp student at WeCloudData. This was something that stood out to me as building my practical experience was something I really wanted in order to have a […]

Varun Mehta

How did you hear about WeCloudData?  When I initially started thinking about giving a direction to my career here in Canada and getting into Data Science, I had no idea whatsoever how to go about it or where to start. I was thinking about pursuing a Master’s degree again or a Ph.D., hoping a Canadian […]