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Tony Li: Journey from Business Analyst to Senior Fraud Analyst with WeCloudData

How I Discovered WeCloudData

I learned about WeCloudData through a friend who had also attended the Data Science program, sparking my interest in the field of data analytics.

The Decision to Choose WeCloudData

WeCloudData’s emphasis on real client projects during the internship phase was crucial for me. This practical experience allowed me to develop my skills while showcasing tangible results on my resume.

My Professional Background

Before enrolling in the Data Science program at WeCloudData, I worked as a Business Analyst at Canadian Tire, where I gained valuable insights into business operations.

Motivation Behind Data Science

I was motivated to pursue a career in Data Science due to my passion for working with data and identifying trends. I realized the importance of acquiring technical skills to advance in this field.

My Personal Journey

My academic journey began with Accounting and Marketing studies, which provided a strong foundation in business concepts. Co-op experiences and full-time roles further prepared me for the transition into Data Science.

WeCloudData’s Program Highlights

The fast-paced program at WeCloudData, coupled with recorded lectures and attentive Teaching Assistants (TAs), provided a supportive and conducive learning environment.

Support from Instructors and TAs

The expertise and guidance of WeCloudData’s instructors and TAs were invaluable, helping me clarify concepts and excel in my coursework.

Online Learning Experience

I found online classes at WeCloudData to be as effective as traditional in-person learning, with the added benefit of recorded lectures for review.

Advice for Success in Online Classes

My advice to current students is to stay focused and utilize resources like recorded lectures for comprehensive understanding.

Impact of Real Client Projects

Real client projects played a crucial role in my job search process, providing me with practical experience and topics to discuss during interviews.

Job Search Journey

It took me around half a year of active job searching, applying to over 500 jobs and going through numerous interviews, before securing a role at PC Financial.

Mentorship and Career Guidance

Mentorship was instrumental in refining my resume, job search strategy, and interview preparation, guiding me towards the right opportunities.

Resume and Portfolio Strengths

The real client project experience and my background as a Business Analyst were key strengths that stood out to employers during my job search.

Insights into Data Science Interviews

The Data Science interview process involved HR meetings, technical tests, and managerial discussions, highlighting the multifaceted nature of the field.

WeCloudData Diploma Impact

While my WeCloudData experience had a significant impact, real client projects were particularly influential in showcasing my capabilities to employers.

Advice for Aspiring Data Scientists

I advise aspiring Data Scientists to dedicate time to understand the material thoroughly, practice continuously, and leverage real-world projects to enhance their skills and credibility.

Post-WeCloudData Career Growth

Since graduating from WeCloudData and entering the industry, I have achieved my goal of transitioning into a data-focused role and am excited to continue growing in my career.

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