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Jackson R.

Data Engineer
Data Science Bootcamp, 2020
Diploma Program

Data Science Bootcamp

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How did you hear about WeCloudData?

From a WeChat post.

What made you decide to choose WeCloudData’s Data Science program over other companies? Was there something that stood out to you about our program that solidified your decision?

The real client projects. This is the main reason I chose WeCloudData over others. Another reason is WeCloudData can help me to build my portfolio.

I believe the above two are the main factors in contributing to me getting a job offer.

What was your career background before enrolling in our Data Science program?

I recently graduated from a Computer Science program before enrolling in the Data Science program. This was always my plan (to go into DS) since I needed to choose a direction. Even with a CS degree, there are many options to choose from; I chose DS specifically because I think data is very powerful and the pay in data positions is high. 

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your journey to where you are today?

I learned some programming languages and tools before I came to WeCloudData to focus on Data Science. However, they were just independent knowledge fields. I was not able to connect them into a pipeline. After studying at WeCloudData, I gained a bigger picture of development and can connect my pre-learned knowledge together with data, which is really helpful and valuable for my programming career.

What did you find most enjoyable or interesting about the Data Science program at WeCloudData while being a student? Was there any aspect of our course curriculum or teaching style that stood out to you?

Participating in projects and contributing my solutions was the most interesting part.

The way instructors interacted with students was also very impressive. I never had any learning experience that students could interrupt and ask questions whenever they think they need help.

How did the Instructors and Teaching Assistants (TA’s) support you during the program? Did you find their knowledge and expertise helpful?

All the instructors and TAs are very supportive and very knowledgeable. I really learned a lot from them. Their knowledge is not limited to the tech field but extends to career development as well. I received a lot of guidance and support on career development.

Based on your previous education experience, how did online classes compare to learning in-person?

I actually quite like online learning. Although I lose some benefit of social-networking, I can rewatch lecture videos, so it helped consolidate my knowledge and clarified my confusion.

Do you have any tips for current students on how to be successful in online classes?

  • Rewatch the lecture videos before implementing your own solution. I gained twice the result with half the effort by doing so.
  • Code and keep practicing. The best way to learn is to try it.
  • Google is your best friend. Rather than asking TA’s when encountering an issue, try to do research first and resolve it by yourself.

How do you feel the real client projects helped you when it came time to find a job?

200% helpful. It can convince employers with your working ability, professional knowledge, and learning ability.

How long did it take you to find a job after graduating from WeCloudData?

I found a job almost right away.

Finding a job during the pandemic has been a challenge for most, what aspects of your resume and portfolio do you believe helped you secure a job so quickly?

  • Project experience is No. 1. – BeamData real client projects
  • Portfolio is No. 2. 

The contents of your portfolio will depend on the type of jobs you’re looking for. For example, DA’s may want to include dashboard projects and DS may want to have machine learning projects. For DE, I think the part-time Big Data course that WeCloudData offers as part of the full-time DS program is useful and important.

Can you give us some insight into what the Data Science interview process is like?

I had 1 interview. The projects helped me a lot – in the interview I had, the interviewer asked me about a big data project I did with BeamData.

Do you have any words of advice for current or future students planning on pursuing a career in Data Science? 

Data Science is a good area to dive into. Learn new things, keep practicing, put in the effort; there will be success.

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