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Michael S.

Data Scientist @ DevFacto Technologies
Data Science Bootcamp, 2020
Diploma Program

Data Science Bootcamp

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Note: The student in this featured blog post is using an alias.

Why I Chose WeCloudData

Before joining WeCloudData, I was a postdoctoral researcher. However, during that time, I wanted to work towards my future and goals in Data Science. I did some research online for different Data Science programs and came across WeCloudData. What stood out for me with WeCloudData was their real-client projects and strong referral network. This was definitely something I wanted as I could build my portfolio and connect with professionals in the data industry.

My Bootcamp Experience

My most enjoyable experience from the Data Science program was the extensive hands-on assignments and projects. They were great opportunities to practice what I learned. I found them challenging but fun! As for the instructors and teaching assistants’ support, I found they had quick response times and supported us very well – I really loved this part.

Because of the pandemic, my lectures were online (live). I appreciated that there was more flexibility and support during these times. A tip for current students to be successful in online classes would be to stay focused.

My Job Search Journey

After graduating from the Data Science program, it took me 3-4 months to find a job. I found that the real-client projects were extremely helpful in my search as they gave me confidence and more substance to talk about during interviews. 

For data science interviews, the process differs between companies. Basically, there are at least four rounds: online test, phone interview with HR, technical interview with data scientists, and an interview with the manager or director. I think what helped me secure a job so quickly was my working experience with real clients through the program. The Data Science diploma I received also showed proof of trust in my data science skills. 

Advice for Students

For future or current students planning on pursuing a career in data science, I would suggest for you to just go for it. It is a rewarding career, I am definitely getting much busier and more focused since graduating and getting a job in data science. 

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