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Photo by Hunter Haley on Unsplash
Photo by Hunter Haley on Unsplash

Though DevOps isn’t just about the tools, there are DevOps tools & technologies that DevOps engineers leverage to make the software development lifecycle run smoothly in the organization. Every stage in the DevOps workflow has tools enabling DevOps teams to work efficiently and optimize the application delivery process. The following are a few examples of DevOps tools and their associated stages in the DevOps pipeline:

  • Plan → Jira & Confluence
  • Build → Git, Maven, Artifactory, Nexus
  • Containers → Docker, Podman, Kubernetes, Openshift
  • CI/CD → Jenkins, AWS CodePipeline, GitHub Actions, GitLab
  • Infrastructure-as-Code → Terraform, AWS CloudFormation
  • Configuration Management → Ansible
  • Observability & Monitoring → ELK stack, FluentD, Prometheus, Grafana

Just from this cursory survey of DevOps tools, it should become apparent how challenging DevOps can be due to the breadth and depth of technologies that need to be mastered. However, WeCloudData’s intensive DevOps program teaches all the major tools and technologies used by DevOps engineers to get the job done. Students learn the full DevOps tech stack and how to apply them in projects to help the students master the DevOps craft. By the end of the program the student becomes confident in using DevOps tools and understands where they fit in the software development and release lifecycle.

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