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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

The DevOps job market is in high demand and will continue to be over time as organizations and enterprises prepare their environments and culture to operate in the cloud with the modern application stack. DevOps positions command extremely high salaries and experienced, senior DevOps engineers can expect to be paid $200,000+ in annual salaries.

Recent job surveys across multiple platforms including LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed continuously rate DevOps as one of the top jobs across North America overall including based on salaries and job satisfaction, on par with other competitive IT roles.

Because of the versatility of DevOps engineers and the breadth and depth of skills acquired that span the spectrum of software development and IT, the job market for those with DevOps skills and experience is quite expansive. There are many paths that branch from and to DevOps, allowing one to have a flexible career growth with job titles other than DevOps engineer including Site Reliability Engineer, Infrastructure developer, CI/CD engineer, Software release manager and more.

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