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Photo by Katherine McCormack on Unsplash
Photo by Katherine McCormack on Unsplash

Folks interested in a DevOps career may wonder what is required to get started and what they need to learn. Based on DevOps engineering tasks and tools leveraged, DevOps engineers need to be familiar with IT, software development, IT operations, IT systems administration, as well as being able to use the tools in those disciplines to become successful in DevOps. DevOps is challenging because it requires those in the discipline to possess skills across multiple disciplines, becoming an IT generalist and an architect in the process. From IT networking to cloud infrastructure and container technologies, it can be daunting and overwhelming. Though it’s possible to join the DevOps program without expertise in IT, Linux and software engineering domains, it is encouraged that incoming students have basic understanding and knowledge of these IT fundamentals. WeCloudData offers courses and programs including the DevOps pre-bootcamp course that can help build foundations before entering the DevOps program:

WeCloudData Courses & Programs

  • DevOps pre-bootcamp (available now)
  • Python free course (coming soon)
  • Cloud engineering (coming soon)

WeCloudData’s DevOps curriculum will build on these foundations and teach all the necessary concepts to start building DevOps workflows.

In short this is the recommended learning path for DevOps:

Foundations in IT → Foundations in Linux OS → Foundations in software development → WeCloudData’s DevOps Program

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