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We’re extremely proud of our programs and the quality of our services to our students. We’re excited to have you in our DevOps program and we’re equally excited to be a part of your DevOps journey. We hope that through our guidance and mentorship you will launch an exciting career in DevOps.

From the moment you apply to WeCloudData’s DevOps program, you will have guidance and support from our teaching faculty and administrative staff. After graduation, you will continue to receive career mentorship and support for six months.

As part of our mentorship and support services, we help you:

  • Build a Learning Path that makes sense for you
  • Build a portfolio, cover letter and resume
  • With job search and interviews

DevOps is a challenging field. It requires technical skills in multiple domains especially in software development and IT SysAdmin and will require you to continuously learn and pick up new skills. So be patient and embrace an attitude of life-long learning. The tools and technologies in this space are very exciting and marketable, so even if you don’t end up as a DevOps engineer, the skills you gain in the DevOps program will serve you well in other tech jobs and positions for years to come.

Think of this as a journey. Your DevOps journey. You’ll get the most out of this journey with what you put into it. It will be challenging and demand a lot of time, commitment, and focus, but it will be worth it.

Contact us today to learn more about how WeCloudData can help guide and mentor you in your DevOps journey and beyond.

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