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Photo by Mukuko Studio on Unsplash
Photo by Mukuko Studio on Unsplash

A DevOps career will straddle and cross paths with traditional careers in software development and engineering and IT SysAdmin and Operations. Those coming from a software development background can complement their AppDev skills and tools with those from the SysAdmin realm. And those coming from an IT SysAdmin and IT operations background can complement their skill sets with software development. For those with no background in IT or software development, it will be more challenging but not impossible.

Once you learn and develop your skill sets in DevOps and acquire experience in using the DevOps toolkit, this will make you become a valuable and versatile contributor to any IT organization. In particular, the following are just some examples of positions that leverage DevOps skills and career paths that you can follow in your DevOps journey:

  • DevOps architect
  • DevOps engineer
  • DevSecOps specialist
  • Infrastructure developer
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Build and release manager
  • Full-stack developer and software engineer
  • Automation engineer
  • CI/CD engineer
  • Cloud architect

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