Info-Session: DevOps Use Cases

Event Details Topic: WeCloudData DevOps Use Cases Description: Join WeCloud’s panel as we showcase and walk through DevOps use cases. Learn how to apply DevOps engineering skills and tools to deliver value to the business and grow your career in tech. We will identify common challenges businesses face in today’s modern digital economy and identify DevOps […]

WeCloudOpen: GitHub Actions

Details Join WeCloudData to complete a DevOps mini project! In this three-part mini course series you will learn: How to work with cloud infrastructures like AWS VPC and EC2 instances with Terraform How to install and configure Git, Python and Docker in EC2 instances with Ansible How to create and automate CI/CD pipelines to deploy […]

DevOps Info-Session: Kubernetes Certification Guide

“Kubernetes Certification Guide” is designed to provide professionals in the IT industry with valuable insights and guidance on how to prepare for and pass the Kubernetes certification exams. The event will cover topics in the Certified Kubernetes Administrator/Application Developer (CKA/D) exams including architecture, installation and configuration, networking, security, and more. The CKA/D certifications are highly […]

Advice from WeCloudData Instructors

We’re extremely proud of our programs and the quality of our services to our students. We’re excited to have you in our DevOps program and we’re equally excited to be a part of your DevOps journey. We hope that through our guidance and mentorship you will launch an exciting career in DevOps. From the moment […]

DevOps Mentorship

We’re extremely proud of our programs and the quality of our services to our students. We’re excited to have you in our DevOps program and we’re equally excited to be a part of your DevOps journey. We hope that through our guidance and mentorship you will launch an exciting career in DevOps. From the time […]

DevOps Engineer Portfolio Project

Building on DevOps Tools and DevOps Learning Path, let’s begin to envision the DevOps portfolio graduates will build as they break into the DevOps field. DevOps graduates will develop competencies in the following areas: Designing DevOps pipelines and workflow architectures with diagrams Planning and managing projects with tools like Jira and Confluence Using version control […]

DevOps Engineer Job Search

It’s not enough to have a portfolio highlighting skill sets and DevOps projects. The DevOps job search takes time, commitment and focus. WeCloudData helps graduates during their DevOps job search and beyond. We create a plan that graduates execute on while also allowing for flexibility as new developments unfold and life changes in unexpected ways. […]

DevOps Engineer Learning Path

Folks interested in a DevOps career may wonder what is required to get started and what they need to learn. Based on DevOps engineering tasks and tools leveraged, DevOps engineers need to be familiar with IT, software development, IT operations, IT systems administration, as well as being able to use the tools in those disciplines […]

DevOps Tools

Though DevOps isn’t just about the tools, there are DevOps tools & technologies that DevOps engineers leverage to make the software development lifecycle run smoothly in the organization. Every stage in the DevOps workflow has tools enabling DevOps teams to work efficiently and optimize the application delivery process. The following are a few examples of […]

DevOps Engineer Job Market

The DevOps job market is in high demand and will continue to be over time as organizations and enterprises prepare their environments and culture to operate in the cloud with the modern application stack. DevOps positions command extremely high salaries and experienced, senior DevOps engineers can expect to be paid $200,000+ in annual salaries. Recent […]

What Do DevOps Engineers Do

There are many programs and courses at WeCloudData so one might wonder what are the differences between the career paths and job roles – for example, DevOps Eengineer and Data engineer. Both are exciting careers to embark on and they both offer in demand positions with high salaries. Though some skills and tools overlap between […]

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the backbone of modern agile software delivery and IT infrastructure and every business wants a DevOps engineer. DevOps architects and engineers design and implement streamlined software development pipelines to ensure customer-facing web apps have zero downtime and developers are able to deliver high-impact features directly to consumers at high velocity. DevOps is driving the […]

DevOps Engineer

WeCloudData’s DevOps Career guide 2023 will help you better understand the DevOps landscape and what DevOps engineering entails. This guide will help you navigate the skills and job requirements as well as career paths in the DevOps space. By the end of the career guide you will be in a better position to determine whether […]

Install and Run Containers on Linux Virtual Machines – LXD/LXC

Objectives This tutorial is one part of a containers series of tutorials that will walk the reader through installation of tools that can run applications in containers. By the end of these tutorials the reader will be able to Install services (container engines) that can run containers using tools such as LXD/LXC, Docker, or Podman. […]

Keivan Mokhtarpour

Profile photo of Keivan Mokhtarpour, DataOps Developer

How did you hear about WeCloudData? I first heard about it from a friend of my friend. However, I did my research and talked to a few people before enrolling in the program. What made you decide to choose WeCloudData’s Data Science program over other companies? Was there something that stood out to you about […]

Launch Linux Virtual Machines with Multipass

Objectives The following tutorial will demonstrate how to use a convenient tool from Canonical called Multipass to launch Ubuntu Linux virtual machines with ease Prerequisites Linux, MacOS or Windows Operating System Minimum 4 GB RAM (8 GB preferred) Introduction Linux is an essential building block in almost all IT ecosystems powering web servers, mobile phones […]

Install and Run Cockpit on Linux Virtual Machines

Objectives This tutorial will walk you through installing the user-friendly Linux sysadmin web console tool Cockpit Prerequisites Installed Linux OS (this tutorial uses the Debian-based Linux distro Ubuntu) Introduction Linux is extremely useful and powerful but due to its flexibility, extensibility, and versatility as an operating system with a plethora of utilities, it can be […]