Machine Learning Engineer: Career Session – How to Prepare for ML Engineer Jobs

Machine learning engineering discussion

Welcome to part 2 of the ML Engineer Career Talk! In the previous session, we introduced ML Engineering, career path, and job market. In this workshop, the speakers will introduce how to prepare for an ML Engineer job. Agenda: Who is this event for? Speakers: Rex Liu, Twitter Ligeng Xia, Facebook Learn More: Are you […]

Waqas Khan

Waqas Khan - Senior DS at Sanofi

1. How did you hear about WeCloudData? Online research 2. What made you decide to choose WeCloudData’s Data Science program over other companies? Was there something that stood out to you about our program that solidified your decision? When I was researching for data science boot camps in Canada, I found program offerings by several […]

Pooja Sureja

pooja sureja, jr data scientist

How did you hear about WeCloudData? I was looking for the best institute for Data Science (DS) during which I came across WeCloudData. There are so many good reviews about the program and mentorship. I contacted some institutes to get more information about their program, however, I found that WeCloudData is the best. Amir, the […]

Consulting Case Study: Topic Modelling on Technician Notes

Client Info Our client is one of Canada’s largest construction vehicle suppliers. They employ thousands of skilled technicians across multiple provinces to support their clients and are known for their excellent customer service and quality of work. The technicians handle repair and maintenance services for their client’s purchased vehicles. For each job that a technician […]

Consulting Case Study: Recommender Systems

Client Info Our client is one of Canada’s most well-established and decorated news outlets. They have been the recipient of numerous journalism awards and have a reach of millions of readers for their print and digital content across all news categories. In the early to mid 2010s, our client began to shift its focus towards […]

Looking to Upskill During the Pandemic? Here’s What Bootcamp Grads Have to Say on COVID-19 Experience

The newest article by Taylor Nichols on switchup shows that the move to online was more popular than people thought it would be. Turns out change can bring new opportunities and be great! Last Updated: September 21, 2020 Click on the link below and check out the article for yourself! Key Insights Remote tools and […]

Love, Coffee and Robots – Part 1

The blog is posted by WeCloudData’s AI instructor Rhys Williams. In this two-parter I’ll bounce from the conception of an idea and its manifestation in the real-world, and end in some insight as to choosing and building your first neural network to begin bringing life to these ideas. Ultimately I hope to inspire you to […]

Life is Science Fiction: AI Project Teaser – by Rhys Williams

Life is Science Fiction: AI Project Teaser – by Rhys Williams I walked away from David Greig’s stage adaption of Solaris in Edinburgh recently, mind racing with the details of Stanislaw Lem’s classic novel, and it dawned on me – much like the space station crew’s attempts at communicating with the human simulacra manifested from […]

Interview with Shaohua Zhang, Data Scientist and CEO of WeCloudData – by Reena Shaw

This is a repost of Reena Shaw’s interview with our CEO published on Medium. Thanks, Reena (Linkedin Medium) for doing this interview! During my interviews with various data scientists, Shaohua Zhang is someone who struck me as unique for two reasons: 1) his incredible commitment and generosity to share his experience, and 2) his transition […]